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Final Fantasy Explorers Monster Companion List

Final Fantasy Explorers Monster Companion List
In Final Fantasy Explorers, you can bring a couple of Monster companions with you to help with the fighting. Not all of the monsters in the game can become your companions though. Check out this
Final Fantasy Explorers Monster Companion List to find out which ones you can get!

Final Fantasy Explorers Monster Companion List

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] If you get bored with one Monster and want to try another, use the Atmalith on the new one to level it up quickly. You can do this as much as you want so don’t be afraid to experimenter.

Goblin: This is most likely the first Atmalith you will find out in the world. You can literally find Golbin right outside the gate.

Goblin Lord: The Goblin Lord is a monster you can get a bit later in the story. You can find them in the Riks trail segment of the map. The Goblin King has the Goblin Punch special ability.

Toad: The Toad is another early Monster you can get to join you in your fight. You can find the Toad at the Tinze Shore. The Toad has the Water Element attack as its special ability.

Forfex: The Forfex is basically a giant crab that attacks you. You can find them in the Eija Woods area. Watera is the special attack of Forfex.

Land Turtle: Land turtles can be found all over the place in tunnels and caves. You can always find them in the Tinze Tunnels. The Land turtle has Trample as a special ability.

Flan: Another early monster you can get to aid you on your quest. The Flan can be found on the Dell’antoni Boltway. The Faln can use Blizzara as a special attack.

Ghost: Ghosts are yet another early ally. You can find Ghosts in the Debiis Heights. The Ghost will use Water as its special attack.

Black Knight: The Black Knight can be found after you kill a few of them in the main story. They reside in the Mahin Forest if you want to get one on your team. The Black Knight uses Air Braver as its special attack.

Skeleton: Skeletons will appear pretty frequently throughout the game. You can find them consistently on the Debbis Trail. The Skeleton can use Boomerang attack as its special ability.

Death Knight: Death Knights can be found a little later in the game. Got the Death Knight during the 5 star main quest “Doing A Fine Job”. You can find the Knights on the way through Mahin Forest on your way to the objective. The Death Knight tries to put enemies to sleep with its special attack.

Leech Bat: Leech Bats will be a pretty common sight early on in the game. To get one on your team, check out the Hibat Foothills. The Bat tries to poison enemies with Poison Tackle. Also can be found during the 5 star main quest “Crimson Megacrystal”. You will find them on the path going up to the exit in the Hibat Foothills.

Cactuar: Cactuar can really appear anywhere and at random. You can find them in the Debbis Heights pretty frequently. Obviously, Cactuar’s special ability is 1000 Needles.

Demon: These actually appear kind of early in the game. You can find the Demons in Ruisgo Caves. Be careful, he takes up a lot of the screen when he is out. The Demon will use fire breath as its special attack.

Bomb: As soon as you start hitting the fire areas you will start running into Bombs. Check out the Hibat Foothills and other fire areas to find Bombs. The Bomb will self destruct with its special, yes this does kill it.

Ahri: I got my first Ahri during the 5 star main mission “Sacred Citidal”. You can find a bunch of them in the Ahra marsh area near the quest boss.

Gil Snapper: The Snapper is a turtle you can find during the 5 star main mission “Fire and Ice Showdown!”. I got one of the first one I killed at he Maxon Revivne area.

Hell Diver: This is a giant bird enemy that swoops down to attack. You can find them at Mount Hibat Summit during the 5 star main quest “Dragons Are A Good Business”.

Lich: This is a big knight looking guy and he takes up a lot of room. I found one during the 5 star main quest “Conquer The Grand Crystal” in the Lavison Desert.

Vampyr: This one looks very similar to the Leech Bat you can also gt as a pet. Found during the 5 star mission “The Monsters’ Grudge” in the Lavinson Desert.

TonBerry: The Tonberry is kind of an iconic monster in the Final Fantasy universe and you can get one as a pet. During the 5 star main mission “The Monsters’ Grudge”, you will face Tonberries in high number. This is where I got mine.

Forfex Attacker: This is basically the second level of the crab enemy you can find throughout the world. I found mine during the 6 star main mission “Revisit East Amostra”. They can be found in various places but I found mine in the Mirah Dunes.

Vulture: These are actually a pretty common enemy that you will run into during 5 Star Main quests. It’s just a giant bird that flies around in various areas.

Couerl: This is the giant cat monster that you can find throughout the wooded areas during 5 star main quests. You will run into them often but I found mine on the path between Maxon Ravine and Mirah Dunes.

Specter: This is the second form of the Ghost monster that you could get earlier in the game. You will start seeing them on 5 star main missions near Debbis Highlands.

Chocobo: I actually had a hard time getting one of these at first, took me about 10 tries. You can get a Chocobo to aid you in battle as well if you are lucky enough to find one. I ran into some at Tinze Shore but for the most part it seems random where they are at.

Mandragora: These will start popping up at the 5 star main missions. You normally find them with Knights and in the caves leading from one area to another. I got mine on the way to facing Diablos.

Lamia: These enemies start popping up during the 5 and 6 star main missions. You will run into them quite a bit in the Debbis Heights area of the map.

Magic Pot: I had to farm this one, takes awhile to drop. You can find Magic Pots during the 5 star main mission “Doing A fine Job”, you can farm them here.

Flan Princess: This one can only be captured by summoning a Flan Princess to an area. Your crystal surge will say something like “Summon Princess” as an option. This will summon a Flan Princess at a random spot in the area. You have to kill it and hope that it become a soul.

Malboro: Another rare one to get as a pet but common to find. I find them frequently on the 5 star main missions in the Maxine Ravine area.

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  1. Are you going to update this list? Also, it might help to say after which missions in particular some of these creatures start to appear 🙂

    1. Hey Captain K1tten. I’ll let Johnny know about including more details. We’ve fallen a little behind with the FFE content at the moment but hope to get back on track ASAP

  2. Here’s a list of all non-large monster that can be obtained:

    Goblin / Goblin Guard / Goblin Lord
    Chocobo / White Chocobo / Black Chocobo
    Vulture / Helldiver
    Toad / Zombie Toad
    Lamia / Medusa
    Mandragora / Alraune
    Forfex / Forfex Attacker
    Land Turtle / Gil Snapper
    Flan Princess / Flan
    Ghost / Specter
    Floating Eye / Ahriman
    Demon / Belial
    Lizard / Basilisk
    Coeurl / Sabertooth
    Centaurion / Black Knight
    Death Knight / Lich
    Leech Bat / Vampyr
    Magic Pot

    so… 43 in total; unless the large monster are obtainable.
    I did use “Tame” skill on one but didn’t work, so i’ll guess not.

  3. I feel like I should mention that monsters can have different active abilities… Cactaur’s more useful ability is Haste. If you get one you don’t want you can make another monster and have a chance for another.

    P.S. To the automated ani-double posting plugin: Yes I made this comment already, in the wrong place so I deleted it…

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