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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: Rubrum Tasks Guide

Final Fantasy Type-0 Guide: Rubrum Tasks Guide
Rubrum is the area right outside of Akademeia in Final Fantasy Type-0. The tasks out here can be completely overlooked if you don’t search for them. This guide will help you find and complete all the tasks in the area!

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Rubrum Tasks Guide

Most of these start at Chapter 3. Try to do these after you collect the items for a different task at Akademeia. If you keep going out you will use up more of you free time and get less tasks or items.


McTighe Mayor – This isn’t really a task but you get a reward for it. After you free the city from the enemy you can re enter once you go to the world. Walk up to the town and talk to the man at the top sitting down and he will tell you he is the Mayor. Tell him you will help out by getting all his people to come listen. Talk to all the people in groups and they will move to the area for the speech. The tricky part is the people hidden behind doors you can miss. Check the doors around the area and you should be able to find 3 extra sets to listen to the Mayor. Once you get them all talk to the Mayor and you will get a reward.

A Vogue Dilemma – This Task is actually found in McTighe from a random woman. She wants you to go kill 3 Lesser Coeurls in the Corsi Cave. To avoid losing time I actually picked this one up when I had my tree sap already. If you do it when you have the item you won’t lose the items so you can go turn them in still. Once you kill three you can head back to McTighe and get your Silver Bracelet. I got this at the start of Chapter 3.


Spelunk And Search – You get this from a citizen in Aqvi at the start of Chapter 3. He wants you to go find a Fire Shard in the Corsi Cave. I already had one but if you don’t just kill some Bombs in the cave and you will get one. I am not sure if the ones outside drop them or not. He will give you a Ferric Ring for your time. I got this at the start of Chapter 3.


Bragging Rights – The citizen in Corsi wants you to kill 10 Aqua Flans in the area for him. You need to kill the Flans out in the fields, make sure you don’t fight them in the forest area! I got lucky and had one of those long battles when I first encountered them so I got it in one try. Be sure to use Rem and her lightning Magic to make killing them easier. Your reward is a HP enhancer which will permanently boost someones HP. I got this Quest at the start of Chapter 3.


The People’s Hero Go into Iscah after you liberate it and you can get this quest. Roam around outside to find the Commanders you need to kill for the quest. This took me about 10 battles to find them both so be patient. Once you turn it in you get a Sentinel Emblem.


Tonic With A Bang – You get this task from a guy in the city of Keziah. You can’t do this one until chapter 4 because of the military. Once you start head north to the next area. In that area go all the way west and follow the mountains until you find a cave called Northern Corridor. Inside you will find the Bombs you need to kill. You will get 3 Blaze Armlets for the quest.


Dam-Sir In Distress – There is a guy in this town who wants you to kill 10 Hundlegs for him. You need to go south to the Togoreth Region, NOT North Togoreth they don’t count there for some reason, and kill them in the plains. You will get an accessory for doing this for him.


Challenged By A Child – Talk to the kid in the city and he will want you to take out 6 Evil Eyes on the plains of Iscah. Just go outside the city and roam around the area until you find enough to beat the task, avoid the big beasts. Once you finish, return to the kid for an MP enhancer.

Final Fantasy Type 0 Toguagh Task


Buzzkill on the Beach – You get this in the town of Toguagh and you need to take out a Dracoknight for the quest giver. You need to go south toe the area below this one, it is called Innsmouth. From there mount your Chocobo and ride it all the way to the end of the beach, The Chocobo can go over shallow water. Once you are at the end enter the rock formation to fight the Dracoknight Warden. You will get a DiamonD shield for the task. Try to be at least 45 to try this one.


Stamp Out The Stragglers – The city of Cetme has a Task inside it if you want to take it. You just need to roam around the area and kill 20 enemy troopers. It does take quite awhile to find them all and your reward is a Quake Killer.


The Dungeon Master’s Dare – In the town of Meroe there is a man who wants you to kill a Behemoth in the caverns near there. You should be at least level 50 when you try this because the monster is strong. I used my Magic to bring him down and the reward is Ignis Magnum.


After you take over the area of Rahana you can get a Task from the city there. You need to kill 2 Marduks in the Forests of Yukisato for the task giver. You can find them in the Forest north west of the town. You get a Crystal Shard as a reward.


There is a task giver in Roshana who wants you to kill 15 Mandragoras for him. You can find the Mandragoras in the field, not the Forests. You get a Gold Anklet for doing this Task.

I am doing these as I go so be sure to check back soon for updates!

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