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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: Akademeia Tasks Guide

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Guide: Akademeia Tasks Guide
After a few story missions in Final Fantasy Type-0 you will unlock Tasks to do for extra rewards. Some are easy to find while others are hidden on the Akademeia campus. This guide will help you find the tasks and complete them.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Akademeia Tasks Guide

It it worth noting that some of the tasks can be done in the Arena so they won’t take time from your day. I will list them as they come up.

McTighe Mayor – This isn’t really a task but you get a reward for it. After you free the city from the enemy you can re enter once you go to the world. Walk up to the town and talk to the man at the top sitting down and he will tell you he is the Mayor. Tell him you will help out by getting all his people to come listen. Talk to all the people in groups and they will move to the area for the speech. The tricky part is the people hidden behind doors you can miss. Check the doors around the area and you should be able to find 3 extra sets to listen to the Mayor. Once you get them all talk to the Mayor and you will get a reward.

The Phantoma Menace – After you do the third story mission you will return to the Sorcery area of Akademeia. Here you can talk to a guy that will give you a task to collect 1 Red Phantoma. I already had one but you can find them on Bombs corpses which you can find in the field. You will get a Ferric ring for this task.

Secret Agent Agito – You can find this task in the Crystarium. The NPC wants you to take down a Striker out in the world so she can study it. You can find them near Aqvi in the world. You have one day to complete it and she will give you a Ignus Primus volume.

Slayer’s Spoils – You get this Task in the Armory and have to beat it before mission day. He will want a Pretty Pelt from a monster in the Corsi Cave. I had one from a event I did earlier but you can get them from the Cats in the cave. I had to go all the way to the end and kill the boss in order to get one. Once the boss died two Cats ran and I could take items off them when they stopped, that’s where I got another. I cleared the Cave at lvl 15. and the cave can be found to the east of Akademeia, behind the forest.

Sanative Supplier – You get this from the officer at the Main Gate. She just wants you to give her three potions which you should already have. If you don’t just go buy them from the vendor and turn it in. She will give you one Ether for the potions.

Mad About Ms. Tokimiya You can get this quest at the Fountain area. All you have to do is talk to this guy as Rem and you will get a Tuft of Phoenix Down.

SPP Scavenger – You get this in the Lounge from an official. You need to give her 100 SPP to beat this task. If you don’t have it then you can do replay missions and earn some. You will get a Megaelixir for this task.

Final Fantasty Type-0 Task List

Monster Pursuit – You get this Task from the War Room. You need to go back into the world and fight some Vertigo enemies in the forest. They are flying, one eyes enemies you can find in the trees. Once you beat the enemies return to the War Room for a Glacious Primus.

Start Of Chapter 3

The Phantoma Menace 2 – The guy up in the Sorcery area wants you to get him 3 Green Phantoma for his research. You should already have this from your previous battles. You get a Argentic Ring from this.

Probing Into The Past You get this task from Provost in the Crystarium. You need to go back to the Corsi Cave and beat the boss at the end to get the item. I never saw the item drop so it might be in the chest at the end, which I already got. The reward is a Wizard’s Hat. You can check if you have already got the item by talking to him a second time.

Sanative Supplier 2 – Another Task from the lady at the Main entrance. This time you need to give her three Ethers and you get 5 X-Potions. You can buy Ethers in the Zero Classroom.

Commander’s Orders – You get this from Kurasame in the War Room. You need to get 10 kill shots on enemies while you are fighting. I used the lance guy and would dodge with circle and when the red square was prompted I would land my kill strike, the Katana guy is also good for this. You can do this in the Arena. The reward is 10k EXP for everyone.

Mother Says – You get this from Mother in the Hallway to Class Zero. You need to kill 3 enemies with Fire RF to beat this task. Just go to the Arena with someone who has that magic and kill three enemies to beat it easy. This will increase everyones Magic Power by 3.

SPP Scavenger 2 – You can find this lady in the Lounge area. She wants 300 SPP this time. If you need to earn it you can go replay missions from the main menu. She gives you a Fulgur Secondus as a reward.

Slayer’s Spoils 2 – You get this from the Armory area and you will need to likely need to leave the campus to do it. You will need to go to the Togoereth Region, which is north of the campus, and fight in the trees there. I got mine from fighting Flans and Evil Eyes in that area, humans didn’t drop any. Your reward will be a Shock Shield.

FF Type-0 HD Slayer's Spoils 2 Guide

The next set comes AFTER you do your first mission in Chapter 3.

Sanative Supplier 3 – You need to give her 10 Elixirs this time. I had no where near that many so I think this is meant to be completely on new game +.

Monster Pursuit 3 – Get this from the Commandant in the War Room. You should do this in the Arena so you don’t lose time. Remember you don’t have to beat 15 in a row, just 15 in all. Once you down 15 return to the War Room for a Protector Ring.

The Phantoma Menace 3 – Another Phantoma collection mission from the Sorcery area. This time you need purple, which you can find out in the fields. This will get you the Vermillion Bird Magic.

SPP Scavenger 3 – You get this from the Lounge area from the Lady who normally asks for SPP. This time you need 500 and you get another Auric Ring.

Mad About Ms. Tokimiya 2 – Up in the Ready Room you can find the guy who wants to talk to Rem. This time you need to give him a potion as Rem to beat the Task. He will give you a Crystal Shard for the trouble.

Secret Agent Agito 3 – In the Crystarium you can find a girl who wants you to capture 3 Imperial troops for her. To do this go to the Iscah area and search around the city for troops. Anytime you get a leader in a fight kill him first and you will capture any remaining soldiers. I had to do it twice to get all three. She will give you a Flak Jacket as a reward.

Slayer Spoils 3 – You get this from the guy up in the Armory. He wants you to collect him 5 Light Feathers from the Iscah area. You can find the area on your map if you are having difficulty finding it. Once you are there look around in the forest areas for Evil Eyes, they drop the feathers. You get a Shock Shield as a reward from this.

Start Of Chapter 5

Slayer’s Spoils 4 – You can get this up in the Armory area. You need to collect 7 Fire Shards which you can get off the bombs in the field. He will give you a Thunderbolt Amulet for your time.

The Phantoma Menace 4 – The guy up in the Sorcery area wants you to collect Cyan Phantoma this time. I had enough and I got them from the mission before the start of chapter 4. If you need some more replay that mission. You will get a Crystal Shard for giving him the Phantoma.

Mother Says 2 – You can also talk to Mother in the Sorcery area for the task. She wants you to kill 30 enemies with Blizzard BOM, any enemies will do. Go to the Arena and use Rem, or someone else with high MP, and kill enemies there with Blizzard. Once you beat the request mother will give you 12 Jeweled Rings(No idea what they do).

Sanative Supplier – The Officer at the main entrance wants you to bring her a Tuft of Phoenix Down this time. I had one from an event earlier in the game but outside of that I’m not sure where you can get one. She will give you some Mythril Gloves for your trouble.

Monster Pursuit 4 – A guy in the War Room will want you to kill 5 Bombs in the Jubanla area for him. The only way to get to this area currently is by taking the Cave in the North Torgoerth area. You can find the cave on the west side of the area on the mountains. On the other side you will be in the Jubanla region and you can fight Bombs there. Remember that moving around here drains your HP so watch that. The Reward is 5 X-Potions.

SPP Scavenger 4 – The girl in the Lounge wants you to bring her 800 SPP this time. You get 3 Megaelixirs beating this one.

Mad About Ms. Tokimiya 3 – I think this one is meant to be done on New Game +. You need to earn an S-Rank on the expert Trial “Covering the Cadets”. I was able to beat the Trial at 33 but I only got a C. I think you might need to be closer to 40 to get an S on this.

After you occupy the new area during Chapter 5.

Sanative Supplier 5 – This time the Supplier woman at the entrance wants 3 Mega-Potions. I had enough from all the events I did and she gives you a pair of Platinum Gloves.

SPP Scavenger 5 – This time the woman in the Lounge wants you to give her 1000 SPP for the quest. You will get 5 tufts of Phoenix Down for doing it.

Monster Pursuit 5 – You get this from the quest giver in the War Room. He wants you to kill 1 Striker in the Eibon Forest area. Go to Eibon and roam the forests in the northern area to find them. Use Lightning magic to defeat them then return. Your reward is 10 Elixirs.

Secret Agent Agito 5 – You need to beat the Expert Trial “Covering The cadets” to do this Task. In the Crystrium you can a girl with a Task icon. She wants you to capture 3 Soldiers in the Meroe province. Go to that area and run around until you fight a Leader unit. Kill the Leader and leave the other enemies alive to capture them. Once you have four return to the Cadet for a Protector Ring.

The Phantoma Menace 5 – Another Phantoma quest from the Sorcery area. This time you need 10 Sepia Phantoma to complete it. If you need more head to the Eibon area and farm them. You get a Crystal Shard from him.

Final Fantasy Type-0 New Game +Tasks

Start Of Chapter 7

The new game + tasks start appearing around now.

SPP Scavenger 6 – You get this from the woman in the Lounge and this time she wants 1500 SPP. You will get 5 Phoenix Pinions for doing it.

The Phantoma Menace 6 – This time you need to bring 15 Mauve Phantoma to the guy in the Sorcery area. I got mine from doing the missions right before Chapter 7. You will get Thunder MIS for completing it.

Monster Pursuit 6 – You get this in the War Room and you need to kill 10 Ankhegs in Old Lorica. Take a flight to Mi-Go and use the cave to the West of the city and take it all the way to the other side. Once you are on the other side, keep going west until you enter Old Lorica. Here is where you can find your Ankegs. You should have Reraise on because you will also run into Cacturs who will kill you in one hit.

Lost In Translation – Talk to Tonberry in the Class Zero and he will give you a task. The task is to land 30 Kill/Breaksight strikes on any type of enemy. You can do this one in the Arena and I used Jack because his are easy to land. You can dodge and pretty much get one to pop. You get a set of Shock Armor for doing this Task.

Sanative Supplier 6 – The woman at the Main Entrance will want 3 Mega-Remedies for her task. I didn’t have enough for this at the time I tried to do it.

Hazardous Material – You get this up in the Armory from Mutuski. She wants you to get a piece of Dark Matter from a Malboro in the Roshana Province. If you can’t find one in the area go into a town and reset the map, check your area map to see if one is around. Make sure you are at least 45 and you will get a Diamond Ring. You have to drain it to get the item.

Slayer’s Spoils 6 – You get this from a guy up in the Armory area. He wants 10 Turtle Shells from the Innmouth Coast. Go to the Innmouth region and follow the sand to the rock formation at the end. You can enter the rocks and fight a giant turtle 10 times for their shells. Your Chocobo can go over the shallow parts of the water. You will get a pair of Diamond Gloves for the task.

After you beat the first mission in Chapter 7.

Final Fantasy Type 0 Probing Into The Past 2

Probing Into The Past 2 – You can get this quest from the guy in the Crystarium. He wants you to go find a lost airship and a Lost Tome inside. First of you should be around level 50 to try this because the enemies inside are 45+. Second of you are running through a large area with 99 King Behemoths roaming so be sure to have enough Chocobos.

Look at your map of Orience and scroll to the Veill Desolands area. At the bottom of the area you can find the old Airship and enter it. Once inside you need to activate the airship by hitting a switch in all four of the side rooms and the going to the main room. There are Iron giants inside that go invincible briefly when they take 100% damage, you can kill them with a kill shot or wait for it to wear off. You will get a Gold Anklet for returning the Tome.

Sanative Supplier 7 – This time the officer at the main entrance wants 5 Megalixirs from you. I had enough from talking to a ton of people over the course of the game. The reward is a Stalwart ring. If you don’t have enough you might need to wait until new game +.

The Phantoma Menace 7 – The guy up in the Sorcery area wants 1 Ivory Phantoma this time. I have yet to find one so I will update when I do.

SPP Scavenger 7 – The Cadetmaster wants 2000 SPP in the Lounge this time. Still Farming this up at the moment.

I am doing this as I go so check back for more updates!

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