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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Archylte Steppe Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Archylte Steppe Side Quest Walkthrough

In The Archylte Steppe there is a group of hunters who will ask you to do various quests for them in order to get the Artefact. Most of them are easy but a couple can be tricky. This side quest guide will help you get them all done in no time. Let’s go!

Once you arrive at the Steppe you will see some guys run into a camp and your quest will be to go in there and talk to a guy. Do so and you will get the first quest.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Archylte Steppe Side Quest guide 1 – Goblin Fragment – This one is really simple. Get the quest and you need to kill the goblins. They have a few buddies with them but if you made it this far with no problems it will be a breeze. Also it is really close to the camp which is nice. After you beat them go talk to the guy again and he will direct you to the next quest.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Archylte Steppe Side Quest guide 2 – Wooly Stone – A lady wants you to collect sheep wool from her biggest sheep. They are out in the area with the monsters. They are much larger then a normal sheep and because of this you can see this one over the grass. They are not far from camp so just roam around until you find them. They will run once they see you but they aren’t fast enough to out run you. Just be ready to fight a few monsters.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Archylte Steppe Side Quest guide 3 – Defeat the Faeryl – You need to move the Long Gui before you can fight him. You need to use the weather machine to move him. Go to it and have the left switch pulled and the right switch pushed up. The weather will change and the Long Gui won’t be there. Now go face off with the enemy. This boss isn’t all that hard but there is a guide for him here.

After that you can leave the area. Good job.

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  1. how do i unlock the gate with the haze around it? I hear this one guy talking aobut evil tablets but alas and alack that’s ALL he says D:

  2. You have to search the area during each weather type and bring the cacti that are out of time sync back in sync. Also defeat a large cacti that uses 1000 needles. its pretty easy just a bit time consuming. You know you have them all when you can use a wild artefact on the gate. GL

    1. How many is there do you no?

      i found 3 of the red ones before teleporting over
      fought 1 gaint cactuar
      and obviously the teleport over the gap

      over there fought 1 giant cactuar
      and i got 1 red teleporter

  3. I found 4 red ones, 1 yellow and 3 of the green ones…
    The portal is still locked…
    Use different wether types to find more…

  4. (not to brag) but expert here willing to help. i’ll respond to comments asap. to answer the questions i see here: to unlock the wild gate you have to do as the people say, activate all the cactuar statues, (i know because it wouldn’t work till i found one i missed then i could activate it) [also note the golden cactuar statue shouldn’t be required] throughout the steppe there are 4 red cactuar statues that teleport you to the main camp. you must touch all 4 so that they glow. 1) directly south of the camp (should be obvious) 2) behind the giant cactuar statue further south in the Grave Ridge
    3 and 4 are over the ravine dividing the east and west, you need either the chocobo, glide jump, or to use the golden cactuar statue to get here (the golden one is found in the twister during windy weather in the Grave Ridge)
    In the Clearwater Marshes (where the gold statue drops you) head due west, if you head straight west you will walk through water onto a little island. from the middle look north. there should be a red statue there (weather cond. unknown)
    4) head all the way to the western cliff from red tablet 3 and travel south along the edge, there will be a small rise out of the water, then one more island before you are out of the water for good. stop on the last island and in the middle will be your fourth red tablet : )

    1. P.S. you may need to change the weather for different ones, i forget by now but most shine in the sun, one you will see water drops splashing on it (in small circle efffects) and the other will have lightning traveling over it’s body.
      okay after finding all of the red ones (don’t forget to teleport using each to activate it) it’s time for the green ones that make you fight a gigantuar (don’t worry he’s much easier from the first game). i would advise to kill the gigantuar to be sure to unlock the gate
      1) from where the golden cactuar takes you, simply look ahead to the west, you can find it just a little ways ahead, should be simple though may require weather change (sry)
      2) again from where the statue drops you in the marsh, simply look behind you to the east, there is an obivous stone just behind you with a long shadow, right behind it is the green cactuar, when the mog uncovers it the shadow will now be a giant cactuar shadow instead :3
      3) from green statue number 2 look south east to locate the cluster of cacti, it’s across the ridge so mark the spot and make your way back to it, in the center is the third green tablet, easy enough now kill the tease.
      To my best analysis (playing through it now) that should be all of the statues and the gate should be open. the only statue i found after opening the gate was the golden one

    2. I’m pretty sure you only need to get the green cactuar stones (or whatever they’re called) because I opened that gate a while ago, after killing the third giant green cactus monster, and I’ve just found a red waystone I hadn’t uncovered prior to opening the gate.

      The red waystone I’d missed was the one in the south of the western portion of the map which only appears in a thunderstorm.

  5. Also I have all the fragments in this location except one, I am currently incapable of defeating the required targert however will shortly and have completed the area, if anyone has any questions just reply with your request/situation (P.S. i don’t have this kind of luck on other maps)

  6. Hey I’m sorry guys, i posted everything you needed to know but it got removed for who knows why. anyway i’ll be happy to answer anything you need including cactuar tablet locations and requirements for the gate etc. just reply with situation/problem/question : )

  7. Hey all i know this might be old news by now but there are 4 red waypoint cactus stones in each corner of the map basically and 3 green-ish ones with the cactuar fights. i was also wondering how to get the wild gate unsealed and thats how. just switch between all 4 weathers to find the 7 stones.

  8. Hey guys I need to finish the map 100% for a side quest mine is currently 99% and the last bit I need to uncover is ontop of that stone pillar that has a sphere item box ontop which you use mog to get although jumping off the cliff and using the fragment skill glide thing you can’t reach over to see it 🙁 are you able to ride chocobos in this area because I can’t 🙁 what conditions are needed or does anyone know of a way I can see this 1% of the map lol I’ve explored this area everywhere so none of this have you missed a bit please the music is driving me insane lol

    1. hey don’t worry i had this problem too. yes you are able to ride a chocobo and yes you do need it to reach that spot, after you do that’s 100% to unlock the chocobo just ask around the villagers and accept all the quests posssible, i would change the weather too to see if it unlocks any more quests.
      Eventually you can talk to the girl that breeds the chocobos and she’ll give you her best one. also on a side note, that last spot is the site of the last fragment in the area, once the quest is accepted you’ll want to wait a long time before you go get it.
      any problems or more q’s just ask

  9. @ Dominick… For being an expert you leave it so vague not saying what weather patterns just a plain answer. Better not to say nothing

    1. hey i said i’m not trying to brag just here to help. so telling the people the locations and what to look for is worse than saying nothing at all? it’s not like i have any co-ordinates to give. what’s your best explanation then?

      1. look the expert thing was because i was having a good day and having fun that day. i know i’m not and neither is anyone else, we haven’t even had the game 2 weeks yet so no one can be that much of an expert. i just came to offer people help and hence why i tell them to ask if they need further assistance. sorry being lazy and not sealing the gate and completing the entire story against just to find out what one statue the rain reveals etc.

  10. Ok I feel like an idiot. I’ve completed all side missions for the hunters but I still can’t ride a chocobo. I’ve got all the cactaurs on the east side (but obviously none on the west) any help?

    1. (sorry for the seperate comments) if you want to get to the western half without the chocobo you need to bring the correct fragment(s) to the chocolady in serendipity to acquire the hover jump. the other option is to change the wheather to orange (windy) and look to the south and you’ll see a twister in the grave ridge. inside of it is the golden cactuar statue, just activate it and it will teleport you to the western half

  11. I managed to unseal the gate and I only found 3 red, 3 green and I found out about the gold statue after reading about this and the gate was unsealed before getting the gold statue. I still can’t ride chocobos though. Is there 4 red, 3 green and 1 gold statues?

  12. To everyone asking about getting the Chocobo; you need to talk to the lady standing by the Chocobo pen in the Nomad Camp after you’ve activated all the waystones.

    1. I have the same problem an it is getting annoying as I want to finish collecting all of the fragments in this area. Anyone else experience this and know how to gain the ability to talk to the chocobo wrangler?

  13. iv got the gold by making if windy you can see a small twisted from the machine to get the gold cactaur two red on east side and one green on east side, then you change the weather to all four points to find three green and one red on the west side and one red you can get in any weather on the west side then it takes the lock of the gates.
    There is a wild artifact here aswel go to the northwest cliff look down and front the wild artifact to use on the gate

  14. I unlocked the gateway before finding all of the cactuar statue/monuments. I am not 100% sure but I believe you unlock the gateway by killing one of the “boss” cieth that spawns near the gateway when the weather is stormy. (lightning, no rain). There are two types one of the smaller guy looking types with one arm and a sword (named: Malebranche) and a bigger guy (called: Fomoire). After killing these guys the gate seemed to unlock for me.

  15. have all the red ones and the yellow one and 2 green ones. I have the green one from teleporting to the other side and i have the second one from where the green catuas are but i can’t seem to find the last one anywhere.

    Can anyone help please

  16. hey i unlocked the gate but istillcant ride chocobo’s, i need one to get 100% map exploration so i can give it to the lady in academia 400 AF, its the last map and iv got 99% and im pretty positive the point is on yomi’s stone thing, please help, needt get chocobo!!!!!

  17. Hey , you guys are saying that there is a yellow/gold catuar statue !! So i was wondering , i never found it !! Anyone know whereabouts it is ?! Need help , and what would it do when i touch it ?!

  18. I have another problem. I got the gate open with a wild artefact which leads you to Vile Peaks. Problem is it won’t take me there. To add to the pain, I am NOT able to leave Archlytle Steppe so I am stuck —cannot progress in the game. Sent Email to S.E. and got the typical generic response. Some support !

    1. Pause the game and then go to the thing that say go to Historia Crux then it will lead u back to the timeline and the gate will be released from the seal when u defeat three giant Cactuar. (Hope this helps)

  19. I’ve acquired all tablets, opened the gate and have defeated all cactuars. Still can’t ride chocobo and people still wont talk. Lui Guin appears on sunny but none of the others do in any of the weathers…help

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