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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Archylte Steppe Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Archylte Steppe Side Quest Walkthrough

In The Archylte Steppe there is a group of hunters who will ask you to do various quests for them in order to get the Artefact. Most of them are easy but a couple can be tricky. This side quest guide will help you get them all done in no time. Let’s go!

Once you arrive at the Steppe you will see some guys run into a camp and your quest will be to go in there and talk to a guy. Do so and you will get the first quest.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Archylte Steppe Side Quest guide 1 – Goblin Fragment – This one is really simple. Get the quest and you need to kill the goblins. They have a few buddies with them but if you made it this far with no problems it will be a breeze. Also it is really close to the camp which is nice. After you beat them go talk to the guy again and he will direct you to the next quest.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Archylte Steppe Side Quest guide 2 – Wooly Stone – A lady wants you to collect sheep wool from her biggest sheep. They are out in the area with the monsters. They are much larger then a normal sheep and because of this you can see this one over the grass. They are not far from camp so just roam around until you find them. They will run once they see you but they aren’t fast enough to out run you. Just be ready to fight a few monsters.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Archylte Steppe Side Quest guide 3 – Defeat the Faeryl – You need to move the Long Gui before you can fight him. You need to use the weather machine to move him. Go to it and have the left switch pulled and the right switch pushed up. The weather will change and the Long Gui won’t be there. Now go face off with the enemy. This boss isn’t all that hard but there is a guide for him here.

After that you can leave the area. Good job.

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