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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Atlas Boss Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Atlas Boss Walkthrough

One of the Final Fantasy 13-2 early bosses is called Atlas. He is an invisible giant and if you played the demo he is the boss at the end of it. Even though he is early in the game he isn’t easy if you face him head on. This boss guide will help you beat him in no time. Let’s go.

Just so you know my monster was level 15 and had been fused a couple times when I won this fight.

First of for the Final Fantasy 13-2 Atlas Boss guide is weakening Atlas. When you are traveling the ruins in the direction of Atlas you will get a cut scene. You can pick an option at the end of it. Pick whatever you want and keep heading towards Atlas. To the left you should see a chest and you go further. Grab that then turn around and you should see a tunnel you can go in. go in there and keep following it to the bottom. Once you have to either go left or right choose right. Left is a chest and a side quest monster you need to kill. Once you go right expect to fight a few monsters on the way.

Once you get to the switch a cut scene will happen and you will be teleported into a Temporal Rift. All you have to do in this is collect the crystals. Once you step off a tile though it disappears and you can’t go back that way. You can reset if you want or just follow my guide. Don’t sit on one to long without pausing though or else you will fall through.

Temporal Rift guide – From the first tile go up to the 5th red tile. Take a left and grab the crystal. Go up one then go right three. Head up one to grab the crystal and follow the path to the next one.

For the next one go up to the 5th tile then right one. Go up and grab the crystal that is two tiles above you. From the go left then down to grab the next two crystals. Go up to the last crystal and follow the path out.

For the last one you want to go 5 tiles up again. Then go left and grab the crystal. Go another tile left then up to grab the next crystal. Go all the way right then up to grab the next two crystals. Leave yourself a path to the last crystal and the way out and you will have beat it.BE SURE TO HIT THE SWITCH AFTER YOU EXIT THE RIFT. It does not activate automatically.

Last for the Final Fantasy 13-2 Atlas Boss guide is beating Atlas. Head back out the way you came and kill anything you want to level up a bit. I had Noel’s Commando and Sentinel as well as Serah’s Medic and ravager over 10 each. Don’t go into the fight if you are not that high of a level. Be sure to bring some potions and Phoniex downs as well.

Before you start the fight make your Paradigms. Be sure to have a healer/tank build and a lot of damage. If you have any support trees unlocked you can add those as well. Once that is set you can run into Atlas. You want to be sure you can stagger him so bring some magic to bring that bar up.

Once you start the fight just lay into him,. I would do Commando/Ravager/Ravager. He is weak to Fire and Ice so use that on him. Little trick to fights is if you switch the Paradigm after you use all your moves on the previous one the ATB gauge resets the first time. So if you have multiple damage Paradigms switch them up to maximize damage.

Just keep laying into him until you see him get ready to swing. His fist will hit everyone so be sure everyone is healed and have Noel take the big hit. After that just keep laying into him and use the Feral link if you have it. This is a really simple fight after you use the switch on him. Just bring him down as fast as you can and you will have no problems.

Once he is down you will have to do a quick time event to finish him off. It isn’t to fast so you really shouldn’t fail.

That will end the Final Fantasy 13-2 Atlas Boss guide.

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