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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Bresha Ruins Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Bresha Ruins Side Quest Walkthrough

The second area in Final Fantasy 13-2 is called the Bresha Ruins. You are tasked with bringing down an invisible giant here but they have other things to do as well. This side quest guide will help you find and complete all the quests. Let’s get started!

I am doing this as I go so if you know one I missed please let me know. Also if I have one and can’t figure it out I will put it up and if you know the answer post it.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Bresha Ruins Side Quest guide 1 – Retrieve the two capsules – You get this one when you make it to the second time portal. noel will make a remark like go figure or something. There is also a Chocobo seller lady here as well. You should see tons of yellow guards but only one red guard. Talk to him and accept the quest.

Now once you leave that area you can go left or through a door way and go a bit under ground. Go left and you will see the invisible chest blink a bit. Once you get close Mog will go to it anyways. Use him to locate the chest and get the first capsule.

Now go back to the other side and jump through the doorway. Keep following the path down and go down the stairs. You should see a chest. Go grab it and you will have the other capsule. Now bring it back to the red guard. He will be where you first found him or patrolling the outer ruins.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Bresha Ruins Side Quest guide 2 – Ghast Fragment – This one can be gotten from many guards around the area. I got it from one of the yellow guards in the area with the red guard. Accept the quest then do what you want to to do until you get to Atlas. You now have the choice to face Atlas head or try the switch to hurt him. Instead of going at Atlas take the white ramp and go through the doorway at the top.

Keep going down and when you either have to go right or left go left. Right is to the switch. Go up the path and you should see an invisible chest. Use Mog to check it out then the monster will appear. He can use Firaga so be warned. Try to hit him before he strikes you and start the battle. Just avoid the Firaga with sentinels if you can or just heal through it. After you beat him you get some CP and beat the quest.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Bresha Ruins Side Quest guide 3 – Anima Miseria – This one is after you beat Atlas and have the cut scene with Alyssa. He will be standing at the same grave staring at it. Talk to him and he will ask for a flower that only blooms in winter. At the moment I do not know how to get it but grab the quest anyways. I now found out that you go to the same areas but at different points in time so you need to unlock winter to get this item.

After you acquire the Mog throw ability which is like 6 more hours into the game you come back to the ruins. Toss Mog onto Atlas’s hand back at the main camp to get a key to unlock the cell door. go through that to get to the winter version of Bresha ruins.

Go back to the graveyard and there is a white flower that sticks out a bit. Grab it and you can go back in time to turn it in whenever you feel like it.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Bresha Ruins Side Quest guideVita Lyrica. There is a guy in the big camp where Atlas’ hand is that will ask you to find his comm device. You cannot complete this quest until you have the Mog throw ability from the Sunscape area. Once you can unlock the gate to get to the next time gate you can get the item for the quest. While you can still see water and are on the wooden bridge you can either go left and deeper into the ruins or right into a dead end. Go right and Mog should point out a chest for you. Use him to see it and open it then go turn it in.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Bresha Ruins Side Quest guide In Bresha Ruins 300 AF(Winter version) – Once you get to the spot where you first had to use Mog to find an invisible item keep going and go through the door way and down deeper into the ruins. You can go left and go around if you want but the quest guy is towards the bottom. If you go the way I say then skip over the stair part because there wasn’t anything else down there and keep going until you get to the water. You will see two guys one of which will insult you and the other guy will give you the quest. Talk to him and he will ask you to find a guy named Commander.

Exit the ruins and go back to where you started almost. There a tons of guards all around but one has a weird helmet and has a … bubble above his head. Talk to him and he will give you the report. Bring it back to the guy for you rewards.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Bresha Ruins Side Quest guide – Iridium Ring 300AF – Once in the winter version of the ruins go back to the graveyard that you could access after beating Atlas. Use Mog to unlock a guy and talk to him. He wants you to find his buddy. His buddy it the other guy in the ruins where you go the go speak to commander quest. You will have to make him laugh.

First choose I was in a hurry so I scrambled my eggs.

Next pick need an Ark? I Noah a guy.

Last pick salt merchants are movers and shakers. Once he gives you the item bring it back to the cemetery guy for a reward. You also get a Wild Artefact so you can finish this zone.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Bresha Ruins Side Quest guide – Mythril Ring 300AF – Right when you come into the zone you should see a guy near a chocobo that you can talk to. Talk to him and accept the quest. He wants you to find a recording device. Go to the area where you hit the switch to weaken Atlas. You don’t need to go to the switch room but instead when you have to go right or left go left and up the ramp. Up at the top use Mog to find the hidden chest for the item. Bring it back to him for the reward.

That will end the Final Fantasy 13-2 Bresha Ruins Side Quest guide.

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  1. When your around the chocobo lady, Mog goes close to some guard. Do Mog trick and something strange will happen and you’ll find a special artefact think it was called “Wild” not sure. but it disappears after you use it, for crystal gates i guess…..

  2. For the Anima Miseria Fragment, you need to obtain a Wild Fragment first, then, once you unlock the door next to the jail cell, make your way to blue gate (make sure to accept the mission from the guard outside the cell first) when you activate the blue gate, it will send you to Bresha Ruins 300AF, you can collect the flower from here.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Johnny Hurricane is covering the game but is unavailable at the moment. As I’m not playing it, could you please check to see if your comment fits where I’ve put it?

      Many thanks.

  3. “find comm device” is completed once you’re able to throw mog, go to bresha ruins right in the middle where atlas was, there should be an item floating there, throw mog where the fence is broken and that item is a key to the holding cell door that was locked when you were first captured in that cell, go inside and in there you will find the comm device.

  4. For the “Personal Notes” quest you need to go just outside the cell you got locked in near the beginning of this timeline. It’s hidden so you need Mog to uncover it, you have to pay attention because Mog didn’t tell me it was there. It’s right beside the guard you talk to about the “Find Comm Device” quest.

    For the “Silver Petal” quest you’ll need to unlock the gate for the winter version of Bresha Ruins. The flower in in the same graveyard that you first start the quest in. It blends in pretty well, but its beside one of the rocks in the back of the graveyard

  5. Anyone know how to get the last fragment in Bresha Ruins 300AF? I have all three listed on here but I have no clue how to get the fourth one. I’ve seen a video of someone touching the Atlas Control Device and solving an anomaly but it wont let me touch it. HELLLP lol

  6. I have the ONE PASSWORD from the side quest that starts in Bresha Ruins 100AF, it was from the quest in yachas massif. but where do i get the second password?

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