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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Faeryl Boss Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Faeryl Boss Walkthrough

The big boss of the Archylte Steppe is called Faeryl. He looks like a dragon and is very strong so be sure to bring a healer and some Phoniex downs. This boss guide will help you beat him with limited effort. So let’s get started!

First off for the Final Fantasy 13-2 Faeryl Boss guide is his moves. He can do both magic and melee and his attacks can wound you.

His first move is Black hole. It is basically a large AOE attack that knocks you into the air.

His second move is called Dragons Breath. Also a large AOE but fire damage on this one.

His third move is Aeroa which is the second form of Aero. This one can do a bit of damage.

He has one last move that he uses after you stagger him. He will launch at you then fly around and land back at you doing a lot of damage and wounding people. Tank and heal on this one.

He is weak to lighting and blizzard and absorbs fire and aero.

Now on to the fight part of the Final Fantasy 13-2 Faeryl Boss guide. When the fight starts he will use his dash and fly move. Once you can switch to the tank and heal Paradigm. Heal back to full and unleash the Com/Rav/Rav on him. His stagger bar is only 150 so it goes up really fast.

As you hit him he will use his various roars to weaken you. These really didn’t do to much to me so I ignored them but once he started using Aerora I had to heal a couple times.

Once you stagger him he will start to charge his dash and fly move again. You have a couple seconds to hit him if you want but after that get a tank out. I used a Com/Med/Syn and after all the buffs and being fully healed I killed him while he was staggered.

Not to difficult of a fight but still he can hit hard if you are not careful.

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  1. The FIRST move he used on me was that special charge up move… it wasn’t a special move he uses once you stagger him… I died instantly… and I can defeat almost anything in 1-2 hits for almost anything.. I don’t have a chance to get to heal or anything

  2. Is there anything you need in order to battle fearyl? I for some reason cannot battle him and I don’t know why.

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