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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gogmagog Walkthough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gogmagog Walkthough

The first boss in Final Fantasy 13-2 is called Gogmagog. He is really not that hard but he can beat you if you don’t switch at the right time. This guide will get you through the fight with limited problems. Let’s get started!

First off for the Final Fantasy 13-2 Gogmagog guide is his moves. He only has two and only one really does any damage.

First off is his Swipe. This will hit both of the characters and all you want to do is switch to the double sentinel Paradigms. You really can’t do anything but provoke him but this does give you the boost to defense you need to stay alive through the battle without potions.Just watch for his arm to go real high and it will give you a couple second window to switch after the move appears on the screen.

His next move looks like ruin and it hits for like really little amounts so it isn’t worth switching for it.

Next is the actual fight for the  Final Fantasy 13-2 Gogmagog guide. This is a really easy fight as long as you avoid the swipe. Bascially you wait for his hand to go up and get ready to switch Paradigms. He doesn’t always use swipe when his hand goes up so be sure to just be ready to switch.

I started off with the Ravager/Commando combo in order to bring up his stagger meter. It took about two swipes to fill it up fully but once I did I then used the double commando one to unleash a bunch of damage. Stagger him then own him with Commandos. While he is staggered do not forget to switch Paradigms if he is about to swipe you because he can still kill you. You should have a few potions on you just in case.

After one stagger I ended up killing him and getting the fragment. You also get come extra CP.

On the way out of the area completely you will face him again. He will now have a shield making him immune to damage until you stagger him. Use a double ravager or commando/ravager to break it quickly.

Once it is broke he can be damaged again so use the double commando but keep switching between paradigms for faster attacks. He can still swipe so avoid that and use a potion if you need to.

That will end the  Final Fantasy 13-2 Gogmagog guide.

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