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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Mutantomato Boss Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Mutantomato Boss Walkthrough

Mutantomato is the weakened version of the giant flan you fought earlier in the jungle. This time when you bring him down he will stay down for good. This boss guide will help you burn through him in no time flat. So let’s get started.

He still absorbs fire and I couldn’t find out his weakness because I didn’t have a Librascope but I know he is normal to thunder and blizzard so maybe Aero again. If anyone c\finds out leave a comment please. This is the second time you fight him.

First off for the Final Fantasy 13-2 Matantomato boss guide is his moves. He is WAY weaker than before but if you get careless he will bring you down. Snow is with you again as well and he will be in commando for the fight.

He will let out a roar that buffs him. When I fought him he got three and one of them was haste. He wasted no time doing the auto attack that hits everyone.

He can poison you as well so be ready to fight through it or heal.

He may have more moves but honestly I burned him down so fast I didn’t get to see.

Next for the Final Fantasy 13-2 Matantomato boss guide is the actual fight. I was around lvl 70 on each of my main jobs(commando and ravager).

As stated above he can poison you so expect that very early. Unless you have some resistance there isn’t really much you can do about it. He will also buff himself really early and start the auto attack barrage on you.

I started with a Noel SYN and my monster was a SYN as well so I buffed myself while he buffed himself. It took a bit to get everyone buffed and in all honesty I likely didn’t need it but do it anyways to make the fight that much easier.

After that I went Com/Rav/Rav and just started laying into him. He kept hitting me and it was pretty much a back n forth battle until the poison caught up to me and I have to switch out to healers and a tank.

Once I got back to 90% hp on everyone I went back to Com/Rav/Rav and broke his stagger meter. Then I switched to Com/Rav(Serah)/Com. My Serah is very weak in the com tree but if yours is strong you can use her as the second Com as opposed to a monster. Once he was staggered he got launched into the air and it was pretty much destruction after that. He ended up landing and hitting me again but I burned him down before the stagger bar ran out. Remember that switching Paradigms can give you a refreshed ATP gauge.

Make sure not to use fire and if you think you might die just heal up. He is way easier the second time around so if you beat him the first time this should be a breeze.

That will end the Final Fantasy 13-2 Matantomato boss guide.

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