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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Proto Fal’Cie Adam Walkthrough


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Proto Fal'Cie Adam walkthroughThe boss of Augusta Tower in Final Fantasy 13-2 is called Proto Fal’Cie Adam. It is a very large machine with two large arms that can also be brought down. This boss guide will help you bring him down as quick as possible. So let’s get started.

First off for the Final Fantasy 13-2 Proto Fal’Cie boss guide is his moves.

He has two arms that need to be killed first. One can heal and one will buff/debuff. They can also use all sorts of magic on you.

The main body can also use various elements and stronger forms of them. It will also use a move called Sparkflare which can be devastating so be ready for that.

Now on to the fight part of the Final Fantasy 13-2 Proto Fal’Cie boss guide. Right when it starts the arms will buff everyone and debuff you. You can rebuff yourself if you want but you really only need shell for defense because I never had them use a physical attack.

After that pick an arm and go to town on it.All of them will use different magic attacks on you so if you get low switch to heal and heal back up.Breaking a single arm is easy because the stagger meter is so low. One it breaks move to the next arm and repeat.

Once you face off with the main part of the body it will use Powerflare on you. I did stop it from doing this once by staggering it but the second time it hurt a little bit. You can defiantly take the hit from it and just keep wailing on him if you want. Just keep a medic close by in case things get dicey.

I’m not sure if his arms respawn or not because I killed him before he had the chance to do it.


After beating him the first time you will have to face off with him again.

The second part is pretty much the same as the first part except for two things. One he has way more hp so it’ll take a lot longer to bring him down. Two he now has an insane move called Tower of Babylon. I highly recommend going into tank mode for that move because it really hurts.

After you beat him the second time you do a cinematic action and you win.

UNTIL he appears one last time and you can pick the right choice and finish him off for good. Pick the option Scream at Hope and the boss will disappear and you will be done with it.

That will end the Final Fantasy 13-2 Proto Fal’Cie boss guide. Looking for more guides? Check out our Final Fantasy XIII-2 Walkthrough Guide Collection

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