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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Yasacha Massif Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Yasacha Massif Side Quest Walkthrough

You actually unlock Yasacha Massif very early in Final Fantasy 13-2 but most the side quests cannot be done until later in the game. You run into an old friend here and he’s not such a little punk anymore either. This side quest guide will help you find them all and beat them all. Let’s go! Minor spoilers ahead you’ve been warned.

I am doing this as I go if I miss one or you know how to get an item I don’t let me know please.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Yasacha Massif Side quest guide – Innocence’s Scared Sphere – You can get this the first time you are in the are by talking to the lady in the ruins near the first set of steps  that Hope leads you up. She wants you to get her watch that fell down the cliff. This one cannot be completed until you have the Mog throw ability. Once you have it go to the area where the spotlights are during the eclipse. I did this in the 110 AF version I’m not sure if it can be done in the other one or not. There is a cliff and you can see the ruins in the distance. You will also see a box that you can toss Mog to. Toss him and he will bring you the watch. Bring it back to her for the reward.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Yasacha Massif Side quest guide 2 – Amur’s Sphere – Near the back of the ruins you will see a ramp that leads up to the main tent thing. There is a man near there with the … above his head. Talk to him and he will ask you to a battery. I have no completed this one yet but I will be looking in the other areas soon.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Yasacha Massif Side quest guide 3 – Sword of Lachesis – I actually did this one and didn’t even know that’s what she wanted. This quest is acquired in the 01x version of the zone but you need to go back to 10 to get the item. You will also need a chocobo. The person you get it from is on top of a small cliff near where the search lights start if you are coming from the ruins. You need a chocobo to in order to get up there.

Go back to the eclipse version and grab a chocobo. Now with that chocobo head from the main camp in the ruins towards the search light area. As you start to go in you will see a small cliff and a chest on it. You can make that jump with the chocobo. If you hold the button down he will actually glide for a bit as well. Get up there grab it and head back to the other time to turn it in for your reward.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Yasacha Massif Side quest guide 4 – Look for missing sister – As soon as you come into the Massif 110Af you will see a red orb. Talk to it and you will need to find her sister. She is a ghost like the guy in the Bresha Ruins.  Just a heads up before you head out  when you are about to enter combat you might notice a bit of a distortion with the enemy you need to fight. While he is totally beatable and tameable he is a lot harder than any of the other monsters around so be wary of that.

Exit the ruins and head towards the search lights area. Once the second fork appears and you will either go to the lights or you can go left into a new part of the map go left. As you go down the path you will see her walking. Use Mog to talk to her then you can go turn it in.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Yasacha Massif Side quest guide 5 – Find the Technician – After doing a quest for the first red bubble you can talk to the second one on a lower level. He wants you to find a tech for the lights. You need a chocobo to do this but only red ones are around and they eat greens everyone 15 seconds or so. The tech is where the Fruit of Fenrir was so you need to chocobo to jump up there.

When I jumped up there I was able to give him a manual on the search lights which made him believe me. Them manual is in the tent where you first find Hope and you need Mog to uncover it(Thanks Wilcifer, Ebayking90 and Joeyii Boy 05 for reminding me where it was). If anyone knows please let me know so I can update it. Once you do that you can return and finish the quest.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Yasacha Massif Side quest guide 6 – Ortlinda’s BloomYou find this quest if you take the ramp up next to the main tent in the ruins. This quest requires you to find an item called Terrorist Mark. I don’t remember the exact location but I do remember I found it in the area with the search lights. It was in a box in the area just look around to find it. Get it then bring it back for a reward.

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  1. This is regard to the Find the Technician quest. The service manual is a hidden chest in the upper area of the ruins where Hope and Alyssa were in the other 2 timelines. You need Moogle to uncover the chest for you.

  2. The Lab manual is in a hidden box at the huge tent where Hope takes you the first time you go there (10AF I think). It is to the right of the table with the chairs as you enter.

    1. I should clarify that the hidden box is in 110AF, I only was using 10AF as a reference to the location of the box.

  3. The battery is behind the boxes underneath where hope and that chick is. You have to throw mog to get it. I believe you have to go to 10 AF to get it. What about the 3 shooting stars? Has anyone got that?

  4. Anyone done the shooting stars one or the obtain the historical tablet one yet? You know if we just had the guide this would be so much easier :/

    1. Sorry but this is not my main source of income and I work 35 hours a week so I can’t be on the game all day. When I get there I will update and I assure you I am moving as fast as I can.

  5. Your instructions for finding the watch are extremely vague. Following them I spent two hours and have come up empty.

    Another random question: Where the heck is Access Key 13. I am at the Augusta Towers part and none of the guides I have seen can answer this question and I am stuck because I need AK13 for AT 300AF to get AK50 for AT 200AF.

    1. Without pictures it is hard to explain it. If you go back to the eclipse version you will see a man standing in the search light area looking off a cliff. That is the cliff and if you talk to him he will say you can see the ruins from here. If you did the fruit of fenrir quest the cliff is very close to that.

    2. Access Key 13 is acquired through Augusta Tower(200 AF). On floor 50 you need to rotate the room on the northwest side to access it. You will have to do so from the outer ring by going the long way around via the south east room. Inside are 4 computer terminals. Only three matter, but you can only access one at a time. Not a big deal seeing as you can go get Paradox Agent Type A,B and C before you even talk to them. Paradox Agent A is on floor 50, so it’s easy to get anyway. In the room with Chocolina use the Mog Throw ability to look around at the ceiling until you see one of the paradox boxes. This will net you the Fragment: Idea Circut. You can’t collect the other 2 until you beat Proto fal’Cie Adam at the top of the tower. Once you do you can use the elevator to reach floor 49 where Paradox Agent Type B and C reside. B is floating outside the west walkway and is an easy grab. Don’t forget to activate the gate on this floor to open Oerba (300AF). C is a little more difficult. This is by far the most hidden item in XIII-2. Go to the eastern inner ring on floor 49 and look directly north east. Use Mog Throw and look down the dropoff and you will see a paradox box floating near the bottom. It might take a couple throws to nab it. Return to floor 50 and interact with the consoles twice each to net the Fragments Enigma Codex and Difference Engine.

      Note: If you plan to visit Oerba (300 AF) I recommend not unlocking Oerba (400 AF) while you do. There are only 8/10 Wild Artefacts that you can collect before leaving Acedemia (4XX AF)for a great length of time. There is a 9th available at Serendipity for 10,000 Coins (100,000 Gil). Oerba offers more fragments but fewer rewards. You should focus on completing both Vile Peaks locations to acquire the Monster Collector Fragment Skill.

  6. I read this tip and its helped me through several fragments. When you star a side quest it ads you if you would accept. At this time there is a picture to the left in most cases this picture is showing the location of the item or persons location needed to complete quest.

  7. The battery is in YM 01X. From the position where the guy is in the other time world, head to the ledge overlooking the area. Turn left and you will see a box. You need to throw Mog to get it.

  8. Heeeeeey I hope this helps a few of you people. I don’t know if the three stars mission requires you to find three pieces (I forgot to check how many i had) but to complete the mission first accept it then migrate to the area shown in the picture, use the time gate as a landmark. I found the emerald star in one of the giant crevices in the ground. It’s in one of the floating boxes and is hidden in the grass and requires the mogthrow but that’s where you find it. If you are required to find the other two just search that area and the next up on cliffs and in the crevices and maybe hidden boxes. but they should only be in the two area’s shown in the picture. hope it helps : )(P.S. no need to time travel as far as i know)

  9. The tablet is located by the treasure chest on the just SOUTH where you are required to use a chocobo to get to that certain part of land. (IT IS NOT LOCATED ON THE HIGHER GROUND, NO CHOCOBO REQUIRED.) The watch that people seem to be seeking is in the year Yaachas Masssif 110 AF. It will be located in just to the NORTH of the place I had described early about the tablet. Hope it helps.

  10. I can’t get the chocobo to jump high enough to reach the technician or the woman who wants the fruit of fenrir. What am I doing wrong?

  11. The old model battery that slot of people are having
    Trouble finding is in Yaschas masif the timeline
    Marked with the x in it (can’t remember what it meant lol) it’s
    Directly under where
    Hope and Alyssa are it’s located behind all
    Boxes…..as for the cieth she is located at the
    Very beginning of the map (think of when you
    1st came when it’s the eclipse) near where
    You talk to the electrican about his faulty
    Job (massive plains) keep heading north and
    You will find a place to jump and a enclosed area
    With a chocobo (yellow) keep wandering
    Around and eventually the cieth will turn up
    It casts doom but don’t worry it’s
    Not like ff xiii it doesn’t end the battle
    Just kills your character most of
    Her attacks just cause status alignments
    And there’s no attacks causing any real
    Damage she also has 850k health…..hope this helps 😀

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