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Final Fantasy XIV An Artists Tale Quest Guide

In this quest you are given two pictures and need to find the locations. This Final Fantasy XIV An Artists Tale Quest Guide cuts out all the hard work and tells you where to go for each of the different pictures you receive during the quest.

This is a quest in Il Mheg. A fairy gives you two pictures and asks you to find the locations. There are no other clues, no map markers. We’ve found both locations. Below you will find the name of each picture along with the exact location you must reach in order to complete the quest.

Picture Of Gathered Leafmen

Picture Of Gathered Leafmen
Northwest of Lydha Lyran.

Picture Of Bathing Leafmen

Picture Of Bathing Leafmen
North of Lydha Lyran, at the shore.

After this you are told to count faeries. There are four in total.

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