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Final Fantasy XIV Wait For The Show To Begin

Final Fantasy XIV Wait For The Show To Begin
When unlocking Dancer in FFXIV you have an objective that says to wait for the show to begin but a lot of people are asking how long to wait. This guide will tell you how to complete this objective as a lot of players in-game appear confused.

There are many different objective types in Final Fantasy XIV, Destination objectives being one of these types. Destination objectives are used throughout Final Fantasy XIV and its following expansions, including the latest expansion that added the Dancer and Gunbreaker.

Final Fantasy XIV Wait For The Show To Begin

After you have the quest you need to speak with another NPC Ranaa Mihgo. She will tell you that her Troupe is ready to perform but you need to wait for the show to begin. There’s a lot of players in the area right now so the objective is obscured.

You do not have to figure out how long to wait. Simply head to the base of the bridge. There is a Destination objective there. Interact with the objective. After a few seconds of waiting, the next stage of the quest begins.

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