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Final Fantasy XIV What’s In A Name Quest Guide

Final Fantasy XIV What's In A Name Quest Guide
A quest for faeries asks you questions that you may have skipped the answers to. This Final Fantasy XIV What’s In A Name Quest Guide will tell you each of the answers to the different questions the fairy asks you at the end of the quest.

For this quest a fairy will ask you to speak with 3 other faeries. They are marked on the map and easily found. Each of them will describe some information pertaining to a particular name but as is often the case in MMO games, much of the quest conversations are overlooked. Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers right here.

Final Fantasy XIV What’s In A Name Quest Guide

Q: Which pixies name means a treasure beneath the yew?
A: Jul Feo

Q: Where was a flower that blooms always
A: By the meadow

Answer those questions correctly and you complete the quest.

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