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Final Fantasy XV Arena (Totomostro) Guide

Final Fantasy XV Arena (Totomostro) Guide
A hidden mini-game you can quite easily miss in Final Fantasy XV is the monster battle arena, Totomostro. This Final Fantasy XV Arena (Totomostro) Guide tells you everything you need to know to find the arena, win the bets and lists all of the potential rewards. It’s also a key component in our guide on how to make money fast in Final Fantasy XV.

Where Is The Arena (Totomostro) In Final Fantasy XV

The Totomostro monster battle arena can only be accessed in Altissia. You can visit this breathtaking city once you progress far enough in the story. If you have completed the game or otherwise past Altissia you can use Umbra at any bed location to travel back to Altissia to enjoy the arena. Once you arrive in Altissia you need to take the Gondola’s. First take the Gondola that travels down the singular light blue line and then follow the other singular line, the purple Gondola.

How To Win Bets In The Arena (Totomostro)

To bet in the monster arena you need Medals. You can purchase medals at the arena for 10 Gil each. This may seem cheap but it can be very easy to waste thousands of Gil playing this mini-game if you’re not careful. I would suggest you only waste the Gil you can afford to waste. Many activities in Final Fantasy XV, such as gathering the 5 legendary weapons or completing the 8 hidden dungeons, require lots of medical supplies and Gil to complete.

The arena is a game of chance so there’s no surefire way to victory each time. The best practice I’ve found to use is to play it safe. When placing a wager inspect the odds of each combatant and then check their levels, condition and the amount of units they have in combat. Typically the combatant with the most units tends to win a battle, unless there’s a huge level difference. For the fights with multiple teams I would typically pick a safe bet and place a small amount. Stick with small bets for the first 10-15 fights, you’ll soon figure out who are the stronger monsters to bet on.

The big wins come from the 1v1 fights as these are a lot easier to predict. Using the same formula before, pick the one with the better conditioning and higher level, unless it’s a 3-4+ vs 1.

What Prizes Can You Win In The Arena (Totomostro)

There’s a multitude of prizes on offer in the Arena, although some of them are ridiculously expensive. Below is a list of all the items you’re able to win at the arena alongside the total number of medals you need to spend to claim the prize.

  • Mystery Accessory (Unlocks after buying Magitek Generator. Increases HP by 2,500) – 2,400,000
  • Magitek Generator – 3,600,000
  • Diamond Bracelet – 1,250,000
  • Big Bang – 450,000
  • Mythic Color Samples – 360,000
  • Arapaima Roe – 240,000
  • Enforcer – 180,000
  • Precision Lance – 120,000
  • Llymlaen – 85,000
  • Big Master Typhon – 45,000
  • Silver Bangle – 34,000
  • Turbocharger – 15,000
  • Coeurl Whiskers – 7,500
  • Great Garula Tusk – 2,500

The arena is a fun and exciting distraction for the main game and one of the best things you can do after completing Final Fantasy XV.

WARNING: A lot of people are reporting problems saving when exciting the arena after long periods. When attempting to save the game appears to lock up. Don’t worry about it too much. If you just let it sit, it fixes itself. Although this may take several minutes.

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