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Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Birthplace Guide

What’s the best birthplace to pick? This Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Birth Place Guide will tell you everything about the differences and bonuses between the different birthplace options you can choose at the start of Final Fantasy XV: Comrades.

When you first begin your journey in Final Fantasy XV you get to make your own avatar. Shortly after creating your avatar you have to complete a few basic tutorial battles before heading to the town. Once you arrive at the town you are given a choice, what birthplace to choose. This guide will tell you what the different birthplaces do and what benefits you are given based on your choice.

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Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Birthplace Guide

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Birthplace Guide Choices
When you reach the town you are given four different choices for your birthplace. Below is a list of all the choices and what is listed for each of the birthplaces. The choices do not determine how you play but they do determine your initial starting stats and how these stats progress as you play. For example, if you choose Galahd, your power and magic stats will increase more each level than the others.

It is encouraged that, for your first character at least, you pick a starting birthplace that suits the play style you wish to use, before messing around with more advanced techniques of combining different weapon sets with different birthplace stats.


Galahd Stats
Galahd is the birthplace of offensive specialists. They are blessed with a higher level of power and magic. They are both adept at melee combat and with offensive spells.


Insomnia Stats
Insomnia is the birthplace of the magical specialists. They are given high magic and high max MP. The strongest magical characters are born in Insomnia, they have more magic stat and higher MP than every other birthplace.


Lestallum Starting Stats
Lestallum are the most aggressive. They are all-out attackers blessed with high power and max HP. These guys are designed to be up close and personal. They have a higher power level than Galahd, but lack in the magical aspects.


Altissa Stats
Altissa are resilient people. They are granted bonuses to vitality, spirit and max HP. These are the tanks of Final Fantasy XV: Comrades. They have the most HP, vitality and spirit, allowing them to absorb large amounts of damage. However, they do lack offensively.

That’s it for our Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Birthplace Guide. What choice do you make? Let us know in the comments below.

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