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Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Royal Sigil Guide

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Royal Sigil Guide
Want to find and learn about Royal Sigil’s? This Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Royal Sigil Guide will list all of the different Royal Sigil’s we have discovered on our journey, how to unlock them and what bonuses and effects they provide when equipped.

As you progress through the main story missions you will eventually unlock Royal Sigil’s. These are special items that you can equip that offer additional powers and stats, although not always the stats you desire for your character.

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We’re still early in the game but below is a list of all the Royal Sigils in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades. We will update with more screenshots and details as we progress.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Royal Sigil Guide

The Oracles Sigil: Healing Light
The Warriors Sigil: Untouchable
The Father
The Wise
The Conqueror
The Clever
The Wanderers Sigil: Cheer
The Mystic
The Rogues Sigil: Aerial Ace
The Tall
The Justs Sigil: Omniguard
The Fierce
The Pious Sigil: Multicast

That’s it for our Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Royal Sigil Guide. We’re still working our way through the game so check back soon for updates. If you have any questions, post below.

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    1. I’ve unlocked 3 more since oracles and no they do not have any animations. Quite disappointed to be honest.

      Power Map image of the royal sigil would be very helpful. I’m after the omniguard one and not sure what direction to go.

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