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Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Weapon Effects Guide

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Weapon Effects Guide
What do all the weapon effects do? Check out our Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Weapon Effects Guide to find out what each of the weapon effects do on the properties tab when you are inspecting your gear and weaponry. Many items that you can add to weapons put effects on them, but some special weapons also get brand new effects when you remodel them. Check out our advanced remodeling guide for information.

Some weapons are only able to have a single effect at a time, but these can sometimes be replaced by using an item with another effect. Some weapons are able to have two effects at once, these are usually permanent effects that cannot be overridden.

Check out the information below for all the weapon effects we’ve discovered so far.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Weapon Effects Guide Spells

  • Offensive Spell: Fire – Changes offensive spell to Fire
  • Offensive Spell: Fira – Changes offensive spell to Fira
  • Curative Spell: Poisona – Cure’s HP and removes poison
  • Curative Spell: Cure – Changes curative spell to stronger version of Cure
  • Offensive Spell: Thunder – Changes offensive spell to Thunder
  • Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Weapon Effects Guide Other Effects

  • Punisher – Increase damage by 10% against vulnerable enemies
  • Poison Touch – Small chance to inflict poison on strike for 20 seconds
  • Crusher – Increase damage by 10% when targeting enemy appendages
  • Critical Boost – Increases Critical Hit Rate by 10%
  • Face-off Boost – Increases damage by 10% when fighting a single enemy
  • Combosmosis – Restores 10 MP for every 6 consecutive strikes
  • Bonecrusher – Standard attacks have a small chance of reducing enemy attacks by 10%
  • Manastrike – Increases damage by 30% at the expense of 5 MP
  • Rush Boost – Damage output increases by 1 with each consecutive strike. Maxes out at 100%
  • Brink Boost – Damage increases 70% when below 30% HP
  • Intimidator – Increase damage by 10% against smaller enemies
  • Stormbound – Standard attacks inflict lightning damage
  • Charge Strike: Savage Swipe – Changes charge attacks to critical hits

We’re updating our Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Weapon Effects Guide as we progress through the game and discover more effects. Check back soon for updates.

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