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Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Weapon Remodeling Guide

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Weapon Remodeling Guide
Want to craft better weapons? This Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Weapon Remodeling Guide will tell you everything you need to know to increase the power of your weapons, change their appearance with remodeling and greatly increase your damage output in combat.

Once you unlock Cid’s remodeling shop you gain access to one of the expansions most impressive features, weapon remodeling. This may appear basic on the surface, sacrificing materials to increase the power of your weapons, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Weapon Remodeling Guide

When you have selected your primary weapon of choice, inspect it on the Remodeling station. If the weapon is at its base level, level 1, inspect the current stats it has on the weapon. You are looking for a small bar below the stat. If there is a bar on any of the stats, it means the weapon can evolve, or be remodeled. Check out the screenshot below of the Onikiri. This is at level 1, I just purchased it from the store. Notice the bar below the fire damage icon. I have highlighted it in red for ease of sight.

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Weapon Remodeling Guide Onikiri

What that bar means is, if I am able to max the bar to full before reaching the maximum level of the weapon – in this case 30, it will evolve and be remade into a brand new weapon entirely. However, you can mess this up. Check the image below. My Onikiri was maximum level, level 30, and only had 39% fire on it. The bar was not full. The result, the weapon is stuck at level 30 and can no longer progress further.

Onikiri Fail

This is because I put items on it that also added strength and other stats. When I understood the system, I decided to look for a mission that rewarded items that add fire damage in Remodeling. You can check the Remodeling menu, when you are about to sacrifice an item, it tells you how much experience points it provides and other useful stats. Check below, I farmed a lot of Bomb Fragments, Grenade Fragments and Flame Shards, all of which adds fire damage to the weapon it is sacrificed too.

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Weapon Remodeling Guide Ingredients

The next time round I focused solely on using items that increased the fire damage. This time, I was able to max the small bar before reaching level 30. This remodels the weapon into an entirely different weapon with vastly superior stats. I also threw on some strength but the only requirement I needed to evolve the weapon is the 50% Fire Damage.


The weapon became the Ashura. That’s everything you need to know for our Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Weapon Remodeling Guide. If you have any questions, post below.

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    1. The bar maxes out at 50% fire. After that you see the mini exp bar for it light up showing its maxed. You can take it further but the minimum is 50%

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