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Final Fantasy XV Dungeon Guide – Balouve Mines

Final Fantasy XV Dungeon Guide - Balouve Mines
Final Fantasy XV is home to a huge variety of challenging and rewarding dungeons. This Final Fantasy XV Dungeon Guide – Balouve Mines focuses on the Balouve Mines and gives all the information you need to get through including details on enemies, loot and boss battles. Completing Balouve Mines is one of the requirements to obtain the special key that opens the special locked doors in all dungeons.

Where Is The Balouve Mines Dungeon

Where Is The Balouve Mines Dungeon

The Balouve Mines Dungeon Guide – Requirements

Final Fantasy XV’s combat system is very robust and offers many different ways to approach each individual fight. The requirements outlined below are suited to the typical player but if you find yourself often able to defeat foes way above your own strength levels, feel free to try the dungeon at earlier stages.

  • Level 50+
  • 3-4+ Magic Flasks filled with spells and 99 elements as back up
  • Healing items
  • Phoenix Downs (Boss can 1 hit kill)

The Balouve Mines Dungeon Guide – Monsters

Balouve Mines is the most barren dungeon in the game. There is a single type of monster you will encounter throughout, up until the very end inside the boss room. Not a whole lot to see here.

Goblin (Level 7)
Weaknesses: It’s level 7…

The Balouve Mines Dungeon Guide – Boss Battles

The only enemy over level 7 in the Balouve Mines is Aramusha. He’s level 52, can take you down to KO status in one hit and has some pretty tough AoE moves. His biggest attack sees him charge before launching purple tentacles out the floor, be sure to use Techniques or something similar to avoid damage to party members. After the boss search the North East corner of the room on one of the upper levels for a crack between the walls. Head through there to reach the Royal Tomb.

Aramusha (Level 52)
Weaknesses: Lightning

The Balouve Mines Dungeon Guide – Loot

The loot in this dungeon matches the monsters, seriously lacking in number and not worth all that much. Most of it is ingredients for car recipes but theres at least couple items worth getting and of course, a Royal Arm inside the Royal Tomb at the end.

  • Emerald Bracelet (When you reach the room where Gladio suggests there’s something in store. Climb the staircase to the top. In the Aramusha fight room)
  • Champions Anklet (In the boss room, search near the red truck type object)
  • Friendship Band (After the boos room head towards the elevator on that level. It’s behind the elevator)
  • Royal Arm Bow Of The Clever
  • Requirement to obtain the Dungeon Seal Key that opens doors hidden in dungeons

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