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Final Fantasy XV Dungeon Guide – The Myrlwood

Final Fantasy XV Dungeon Guide - The Myrlwood
Tucked away in the corner of The Vesperpools is another exciting dungeon in Final Fantasy 15. This Final Fantasy XV Dungeon Guide – The Myrlwood focuses on The Myrlwood dungeon and includes information on the monsters you’ll encounter, boss battles and potential loot drops.

Where Is The Myrlwood Dungeon

Where Is The Myrlwood Dungeon

The Myrlwood Dungeon Guide – Requirements

As with all of the dungeons in Final Fantasy XV they can be completed under the level requirement if you’re good in battle and have some well-specced gear and magical spells. Below are suggested requirements although obviously, you’re free to try with lesser levels and gear.

  • Level 30+, dungeon itself is level 36
  • 3-4 Magic Flask and 99 of each element in reserve
  • Plenty of healing items
  • Must have reached at least Chapter 7 – Party Of Three to access The Vesperpools area

The Myrlwood Dungeon Guide – Monsters

Even for its low-level requirement, The Myrlwood Dungeon is one of the smallest and quickest dungeons in the game. It only features 2 basic monsters, there may be rare spawns I missed on my play through but it’s an easy area for anyone the right level.

Mushussu (Level 24)
Weaknesses: Blizzard

Mandrake (Level 32)
Weaknesses: Fire

The Myrlwood Dungeon Guide – Boss Battles

The Treant boss battle in The Myrlwood dungeon is very simple. Large area, he doesn’t do much damage. He does have the ability to confuse your party members so if you’re having problems, try equipping items to remove that.

Treant (Level 38)
Weaknesses: Fire

The Myrlwood Dungeon Guide – Loot

The Myrlwood Dungeon is barren of any real loot. The Megaphone is a decent item that adds hp recovery to all party members but other than that, and the Royal Arm, it’s mostly vendor trash. Check below for a list of items and locations.

  • Megaphone x1 (In the first large area, follow the Northern wall)
  • Talisman x1 (Located near the fire node next to the camp inside the dungeon)
  • Whiskers Pearly Moogle (Just past the Talisman)
  • Gold Bangle
  • Star of the Rogue Royal Arm

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