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Where To Find Cactuar Needle In Final Fantasy XV For Auto Crossbow

Where To Find Cactuar Needle In Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XV feature a host of unique weapons that you can find and upgrade, one of these is the Auto Crossbow. This Where To Find Cactuar Needle In Final Fantasy XV For Auto Crossbow guides focuses on where you can find the Cactuar Needle, dropped by one of the most iconic enemies in the Final Fantasy franchise.

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Where To Find Cactuar Needle In Final Fantasy XV For Auto Crossbow

To obtain a Cactuar Needle you have to kill a Cactuar. They are incredibly rare and offer a LOT of experience points if you can take them down. They are not that strong but they are extremely agile and will flee if you’re not quick to kill them. I have only found them in one location but I have found them in the area 3-4 times now.

Cactuar Needle

They do not appear to spawn like typical enemies in Final Fantasy XV. To summon the Cactuar into battle you need the Beast Whistle, a special item that was introduced with the Day One patch. You obtain the Beast Whistle through the story mode, after you meet the stranger and head to the Disc. You will get a prompt saying you have the Beast Whistle. Simply head to the area marked in the image above and run around using the whistle. I found all of my Cactuars here at around 7-8 in the morning.

Alternatively, you can grab one from a treasure spot. You need to be on Chapter 7 – Party of Three to access the Vesperpools but if you have access, check the treasure spot located below:

The Vesperpools Treasure Spot #2

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  1. You get Cactuar needles from enemies called Slactuars same model as a Cactuar just a slightly lighter colour. They both appear in the same areas at the same times its just Slactuars have a lower spawn rate.

  2. Found a Cactuar-like somewhere in Duscae, no drop. Then farmed AP 1/4 mile to 1/2 mile north of Cid in Hammerhead and found them about one every hundred battles. Got it the 3rd cactuar in that desert, off of a Slactuar. Note that the February 2017 limited hunt of 100 cactuars/slactuars did not get me a single cactuar needle. The needle ends the Crossbow quest – there isn’t any more upgrades. I was eating I was equipped with Mom & Kid food for the additional chance to drop, too.

  3. Found a Slactuar at 6am at Causcherry Plains at the west side of the base/complex. First time meeting a cactuar, got a cactuar needle out of it.
    Thank you so much for the information :3

  4. You don’t have to kill a cactuar to get a needle, there’s one in a treasure chest just south west of the vesperpool. If u visit the tipster at Hunter HQ south east of vesperpool, he’ll Mark the treasure spot on your map.

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