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Where To Find Carbon Crystal In Assassins Creed Origins

Where To Find Carbon Crystal In Assassins Creed Origins
Want to find lots of Carbon Crystal? This guide will tell you Where To Find Carbon Crystal In Assassins Creed Origins so you can start upgrading your equipment, and reach maximum level on your gear. Carbon Crystal is one of the many crafting resources in Assassin’s Creed Origins. However, it is not very common. It’s very much like Silica, you need a lot of it and it’s very hard to find.

Carbon Crystal is a limited resource. There are only a certain amount in Egypt and you will need most of them if you want to max all your equipment. They appear on your loot radar so use your sense to scan areas and be sure to loot everything you come across.

  • Sunken Desmoterion Ship – Center of Lake Mareotis
  • Taua Ruins – South East Sap-Meh Nome. In the ruins just before the bridge
  • You can buy 30 pieces of Carbon Crystal from the Nomad’s Bazaar store (blue camel icon)
  • Kibotos Arsenal – Alexandria
  • Akra Garrison – Alexandria
  • Narrow Crevice – A ? South of Alexandria in the water.
  • Royal Palace – Alexandria
  • Anthylla Outpost – Sap-Meh Nome
  • Tomb of Thoth Tomb – Giza
  • Tomb of Menkaure – Giza
  • Tomb of Khafre – Giza
  • Shrine Of Serapis – Kanopos Nome
  • Tomb of Khufu – Giza
  • Tomb of Djoser – Saqqara Nome
  • Bandit Cave during Odor Most Foul side quest – Memphis
  • Memphites Barracks – Memphis
  • Akhet’s Crown – North of Memphis, along the shore
  • Khentkawes Hideout – Giza
  • Cave a short walk North from Depleted Quarry Hideout – Giza
  • Tomb of the Nomads – Isolated Desert
  • Smenkhkare – Haueris Nome
  • Nomarchs Tomb – Black Desert
  • Senehem Depths – Uab Nome
  • Neorion Naval Arsenal – Fort in the South of Krokodilopolis
  • Schena Wab – Krokodilopolis
  • Dionysias Caravanserai – South West Faiyum
  • Prasinos Outpost – Green Mountains
  • Chersonesos Roman Fort – Marmarcia
  • Cyrene Barracks – Cyrene City in Kyrenaika
  • Nikiou Fort – Sapi-Res Nome
  • Pissa Oros Citadel – Isolated Desert
  • Inside Cleopatras Palace – Herakleion Nome

We are updating this guide for Where To Find Carbon Crystal In Assassins Creed Origins as we progress through the game so check back soon for more locations.

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