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Where To Find Coeurl Whiskers In Final Fantasy XV

Where To Find Coeurl Whiskers In Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy 15 features an array of weapons you can discover and upgrade, one of these is the Drain Lance. This Where To Find Coeurl Whiskers In Final Fantasy XV will tell you where you have to go to find Coeurl’s so that you can upgrade your Drain Lance to the next stage.

If you want some of the best weapons in Final Fantasy XV be sure to pick up the 5 legendary weapons before attempting the secret dungeons in FFXV.

Where To Find Coeurl Whiskers In Final Fantasy XV

The Coeurl Whiskers are quite tough to find early in the game, mainly due to the lack of spawns and the fact they are quite powerful. The earliest place to find one around Chapter 3-4 is the Keycatrich Ruins in the North East corner of the map. Visit during the morning hours and you shouldn’t have a problem finding the Coeurl to get the Coeurl Whiskers.

When fighting the Coeurl pay close attention to its whiskers. If they begin to glow prepare for a big attack, if it hit’s there’s a good chance Noctis will fall to his knees. Other locations in which you can find Coeurl’s include Kelbass Grasslands and Secullam Pass. They are also the targets of a number of Final Fantasy XV hunts, making them very easy to farm.

Finally, Coeurl Whiskers are also available as a cheap reward from the Monster Arena.

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