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Where To Find A Gun In Metal Gear Survive

Where To Find A Gun In Metal Gear Survive
In Metal Gear Survive you are quickly robbed of your firearm and stranded without one for some time. Having a gun in the Metal Gear Survive world makes things much easier. Check out this guide to find out where to find a gun in Metal Gear Survive.

Where To Find A Gun In Metal Gear Survive

As you progress in the story of Metal Gear Survive you will eventually enter the Fog. When you enter the fog you will have to find another beacon for your AI. When you get to the beacon location there are two chests, one inside the beacon room and a second in the shed right below it. You need to either break or pick the lock of the crates to get the Burkov blueprint. If you can pick the lock, you at least won’t alert as many enemies so try it that way. When you return to base you will need to craft the advanced weapon work bench first. This is done at the Construction Terminal. From that workbench you can craft your Burkov for 10 gears, 5 springs, 10 iron and 10 screws. Now you will have something to fall back on when you are in a pinch.

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