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Where To Find Lieutenants In Far Cry 5

Where To Find Lieutenants In Far Cry 5
In order to get some of the last perk upgrades in Far Cry 5 you will have to take down a Lieutenant. Finding the Lieutenants in Far Cry 5 can be tricky if you don’t know who you are looking for. Check out this guide to find out where to find lieutenants in Far Cry 5.

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The Lieutenants in Far Cry 5 are actually the Seed siblings. Killing any one of them will allow you to get the last weapon holster and upgrade your HP a bit more. The easiest one to kill is Jacob Seed as his region takes the least amount of points to defeat. Do missions and other activities to build up the resistance in that area and once the meter is full take on Jacob. Once you defeat him you will have one of the three Lieutenants defeated and you can now get a few new upgrades, including the last holster so you can hold another weapon.

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