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Where To Find Silica In Assassins Creed Origins

Where To Find Silica In Assassins Creed Origins
Want to know where to find Silica? This guide will tell you Where To Find Silica In Assassins Creed Origins so you can complete the hidden tomb under the Great Sphinx and grab the Isu Armor set.

In the menu Silica is listed as a crafting ingredient, or a resource. However, it is not used in any traditional crafting. Silica is a special resource used for two purposes. Firstly it allows you to activate Ancient Mechanisms in some tombs for a bit of backstory and depth. Secondly, you can use it to trade for the Isu Armor.

You need to collect 50 for the Isu Armor. So once you’ve found all the Stone Circles, you’ll want to get the Silica. For more information on the location of the places below check out our Assassin’s Creed Origins Tomb location guide.

Where To Find Silica In Assassins Creed Origins

  • Tomb of Thoth Tomb – Giza x2
  • Tomb of Menkaure – Giza x3
  • Tomb of Khafre – Giza x5
  • Tomb of Khufu – Giza x2
  • Tomb of Djoser – Saqqara Nome x3
  • Tomb of Sneferu – Saqqara Nome x4
  • Golden Tomb – Isolated Desert x4
  • Tomb of the Nomads – Isolated Desert x4
  • Tomb of Amenemhat III – Haueris Nome x5
  • Smenkhkare – Haueris Nome x4
  • Eeyoo Sekedoo Aat – Haueris Nome x4
  • Tomb of the Cynic – Uab Nome x3
  • Qeneb too Kah Aiye – Desheret Desert x5
  • Seth-Anat Tomb – Desheret Desert x x5
  • Seshem eff Er Aat – Black Desert x7
  • Nomarchs Tomb – Black Desert x5
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