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Where To Find The Sturdy Helixhorn In Final Fantasy XV For The Engine Blade

Where To Find The Sturdy Helixhorn In Final Fantasy XV For The Engine Blade
There’s a good selection of unique weapons that you can discover and upgrade in Final Fantasy 15. This Where To Find The Sturdy Helixhorn In Final Fantasy XV For The Engine Blade tells you where to find the item you need to create one of the strongest weapons in the game, the Ultima Blade.

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Where To Find The Sturdy Helixhorn In Final Fantasy XV

Once you have upgraded the Engine Blade to rank 3 your next task is the final one, to upgrade the weapon to the Ultima Blade. Cid asks you to find a Sturdy Helixhorn, a rare item belonging to a Duplicorn, a unicorn enemy that is the larger and stronger version of its weaker cousin, the Spiracorn. The quickest way to find the Sturdy Helixhorn is pick up “The Last Spiracorn” hunt in Old Lestallum, which is a level 29 Hunt. If you want more details on hunts check out our Final Fantasy XV Hunts Guide.

Check the screenshot below, you can see the Hunt to the West of Noctis’ position. Noctis himself is standing in Old Lestallum, which is on the West side of the map.

Where To Find The Sturdy Helixhorn In Final Fantasy XV For The Engine Blade

When you reach the location you will encounter Spiracorns and Duplicorns – this is Where To Find The Sturdy Helixhorn In Final Fantasy XV. You want to avoid using magic as that will likely kill everything before you’re able to get the Sturdy Helixhorn.

Get rid of the Spiracorns and then target a Duplicorn but make sure you are targeting its head. The only way to get the Sturdy Helixhorn is to break the appendage, so smash its face until it says “Break”, you should then see the reward item pop up on-screen. If you’re struggling to break its face you can use the Armiger ability, target the horn and then slash away with a normal attack. That’s the easiest way to do it.

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          1. It can drop regardless of the weapon you use, but the Sword of the Wise is rumored to have a hidden increased drop rate stat. I used it and only had to redo the hunt once, so its just a suggestion.

  1. I’ve literally run this hunt 6 times. Broke the horns off every time. Not a single drop. Fuck this game man

  2. I broke its horn 3 times, I physically saw it break onto the ground and received nothing for it. Been trying this for 3 days.

  3. The fastest way to farm it is to rest at an in where you accept the hunt, take the Regalia to the closest point near the hunt, leave the car there, warp back to rest point, accept hunt, warp to Regalia, etc. until you get it.

  4. Apparently to get the sturdy helixhorn, you have to actually break the horn TWICE! Cause I used my armiger and stayed locked onto the horn and broke it twice and I ended up getting it. It took me like almost 1 hour though until I figured that out. May Godspeed be with you in your hunt(s).

  5. Some quick tips for those who are farming for this item.
    1. Defeat the Spiracorns, leave the hunting area and save, load if the item does not drop. This will remove the need for repeating the hunt over and over.
    2. Use a weapon with an increased chance of breaking appendages. Hardedge can be bought from stores in west from Chapter 3 and Cerberus can be found in Fort Vaullerey.
    3. Equip the Sword of the Wise. It is rumored to increase rare item drop rates.

    1. I have already turned in the “last of the spiracorns” quest a while ago is there really no other way to get this drop? Can you face duplicorns anywhere else?

  6. Just got 2 sturdy helix horns twice in a row , for a total of four after saving just to make sure it works everytime.
    Equip sword of the wose and blade of the mystic along with hard edge as your primary.
    Get the last spiracorn hunt
    Camp and eat a mother and child rice bowl
    Now heres something noone i have read has mentioned in your ascension menu under the wait menu section you can get a perk that says if you warp strike an enemy that is. Ot tatgeting you while in the wait menu it will cause increase chance to break appendage.
    Kill all spiracorns then exit area to the farthest corner closest to old lestall it is just barely outside of quest zone and will let you save there as well as very close to the duplicorns you just left behind.
    YOU MUST BREAK THE HORN TWICE to get the drop TWICE. I chose to continuely warpstrike from the wait menu until i broke them twice but be patient as they move a lot, and the hardedge is very very slow as it is a greatsword, so timing is a factor but if you spam it enough two will eventually hit. And there you have it ive tested it it drops EVERY time . Also if you dont have ability to go to vendor in chapter 7 anymore you can obtain hard edge from duragell cavern dungeon its on floor next to the last boss this is what i had to do hope this helps.

  7. Use the Blade of the Mystic and use the warp attack targeting the head every attack. Target the head and hold down y. Rinse and repeat. Guaranteed to work every time.

  8. Ok so I did follow a few tips for getting stuff and here’s what ended up working for me.
    1.Camp out and eat Mother and Child Rice Bowl to improve drop rate

    2.I saved right outside the hunt zone so I could repeat easily

    3.Equip Sword of the Mystic because its rumored to improve rare drop rates

    4.I tried specifically targeting the head with warp strikes until one of them tried charging me with its horn still intact. I blocked the attack and countered and it broke its horn and I got the helixhorn instantly.

  9. I have already turned in the “last of the spiracorns” quest a while ago is there really no other way to get this drop? Can you face duplicorns anywhere else?

    1. From what I’ve found over the internet, this is indeed the only mission where it drops. Yo can replay hunts though.

  10. Another way to get this drop and way more easier in my opinion is to do the scrap it now! Quest in Old Lestallum diner. Get it from the Leukorns!

        1. He means “no”. It’s from a different creature. Sturdy helix horn is from a duplicorn and crooked helix horn is from a behemoth. I think

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