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How To Find Survivors In Fortnite

How To Find Survivors In Fortnite
Fortnite is now available in Early Access and with it, a ton of special items to collect. One of the more valuable things you can find in a mission are Survivors. This guide will tell you How To Find Survivors In Fortnite in each mission so you can get the People collectible.

It’s actually quite a simple process to find Survivors in each mission but Fortnite throws so much at you near the beginning of the game, it can become overwhelming very quickly. For each Survivor you find in a map you get a People collectible in the reward crate at the end. These may not appear that useful at the start of the game but they are vital to progress later.

Using the People collectibles you’re able to Transform Heroes, Survivors and Defenders. This is a very special action that increase the skills and bonuses of each. They are represented by a small blue icon on the map and minimap and they usually call out when close.

How To Find Survivors In Fortnite

How To Find Survivors In Fortnite

The first image is what the Survivors look like on the full map and the second is the mini-map. Always explore a map 100% for the rewards and then all of the Survivors should appear with the blue icons.

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