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Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide – Chapter 6: The Foreseer Guide

Chapter 6 in Fire Emblem: Awakening is a chapter where you have to defend Emmelyn. This Chapter 6: The Foreseer Guide will go over some defense strategies to protecting Emmelyn and how to recruit two new fighters. If you need any more help with Fire Emblem: Awakening you can check out our Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide Collection that will have links for every mission as well as some side quests. Lets defend this queen!

Chapter 6: The Foreseer Guide
  • Character Unlock: Panne joins your squad during the mission.
  • Character Unlock: Gaius joins your squad if you talk to him with Chrom. He is located to the right of your spawn area.
  • Item Unlock: You can get an item out of a chest located on the map. If you don’t have a chest key you can use Gaius to unlock it.
  • XP Unlock: There should be a sparkling spot on the floor near the spawn. This has a random XP or weapon experience upgrade.

Your job in this mission is to defend Emmeryn and it is quite a job to do. The best defense, is probably defense in this case. You spawn at the top of the map on each side of Emmeryn’s room. There are three choke points that you can use to keep enemies very far away from the royal. There is one to the right, one on the bottom and one on the left. Block off these paths with heavy duty melee forces. Back them up with support classes and a healer to keep the defense holding strong.

After a full turn Panne will join you. It’s time to set up your defenses and to make sure that they can keep going with healers. You also should talk to the rogue that is directly to the left of the spawn with Chrom. He will say that he did not come to the castle to kill the royal. He will then join your party and is a very valuable asset. He can unlock chests and doors without keys. He’s also kind of an idiot because he joins your squad for candy. That being said make sure to try not and kill him before you talk to him.

There is no doubt that this mission is quite a bit more difficult then the ones before it. All of the enemies can take out a lower level unit very easily. It is very important to pay attention to which units have a good relationship with each other. Make sure you have both of your healers at this point and keep them just behind your heavy melee forces. They HAVE to be there to heal them after every turn.

After taking out a good dose of enemies the boss will move north and come after you. He is a mage so he will attack your characters that are behind your melee characters. Wait for him to attack one of your characters and he is close in range. Then unload your stronger characters onto him. Finish off the boss and you will have finished

If you need any other help on Fire Emblem: Awakening missions you can check out our Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide Collection page that will have all quests up and guided soon. If the guide missed something, please let us know in the comments below. If it is a really good tip, we will make sure to add it to the guide and credit you. Thanks for reading!

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