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Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide – Chapter 8: The Grimleal Guide

The 8th chapter in the Fire Emblem: Awakening story is about a new breed of enemy. This Fire Emblem: Awakening Chapter 8: The Grimleal Guide will go over strategies for taking out enemies, warning villages and collecting two brand new fighters for your squad. If you need any more Fire Emblem help for any other chapters, you can check out our Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide Collection for links to all of the chapters, side quests and DLC content. Now lets save ourselves a dragon warrior!

Chapter 8: The Grimleal Guide
  • Character Unlock: Nowi will join your party at the mission start.
  • Character Unlock: Gregore will join your party at the mission start.
  • Item Unlock: You will get an item from every village that you visit and close off.
  • Item Unlock: Defeating the boss will give you an energy drop. These can be used to increase strength by 2.

Your characters will start at the top of the map for this chapter. Gregor and Nowi will join your squad at the beginning of the map and will be placed directly in the center of the map. you have two objectives to complete this chapter fully. You will want to warn all of the villages of enemies. The vilages are located on the top right, middle left and bottom right on the battlefield. The second objective will be to keep Gregor and Nowi safe.

The first thing you will want to do is get Gregor and Nowi back to your army at the top of the map. They are sitting ducks in the middle of the map. Make a line for the top of the map with these two characters. Although Nowi has a dragonstone for a weapon, she is the weakest of the two.

After you get Gregor and Nowi to your group it is time to march down the map. Form in a strong formation and stick together. Keep your healers back from the combat. Take time to go to each village as you pass by. The bottom one is the hardest because it is by the boss. However if you warn all of the villages you will get some great items like a master seal and a second seal.

The boss is a heavy hitter but is pretty squishy. Line up your heavy melee people around him so he can’t get to the support people easily. He uses dark magic that has a range of 2, so don’t be surprised if he goes after a support class. Take him out and you will have completed Chapter 8.

I hope that this guide helped you all out. If you would like to see more guides for Fire Emblem: Awakening you can check out our Guide Collection Page. We are getting guides up for every chapter, paralogue and DLC content as soon as we get to play through them. Thanks for reading!

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