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Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide – How to Unlock Paralogue Chapters Guide

The Paralogue missions in Fire Emblem: Awakening are side quests that unlock very powerful rare characters. Not every person that has Fire Emblem will necessarily know how to unlock the Paralogue side quests in Fire Emblem: Awakening. This Fire Emblem: Awakening How to Unlock Paralogue Chapters Guide will go over all of the different requirements and relationships that are necessary so that you can unlock as many characters as you can during your time playing the game. It takes a long time to unlock all of these missions, but if you need any help with the missions once they are unlocked you can check out our Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide Collection Page for more information on these chapters. They provide strategies and hints that you will need to unlock these characters. Anyways, lets get to the Paralogue chapter list.

Unlock All Paralogue Chapters in Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fore the Paralogues, they must be unlocked by filling two conditions. The first is they are gated by chapters. You wouldn’t want to run into a full out slaughter fest for one of these side quests. The second condition to unlock a paralogue mission is that a character has to be married to another character. These quests basically act as a tool for recruiting kids of the female characters in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Marry off all of your squad mates by picking a person to fight by and getting their relationship ranking up to a S rating by having support conversations. One of the characters will offer to marry another and boom, you get a Paralogue mission afterwards. Here is a list of all the Paralogue Missions and the requirements for unlocking them.

Chapter Chapter Opening Marriage Needed Character Won
Paralogue 1: Sickle to Sword Chapter 3 None Donnel
Paralogue 2: The Secret Seller Chapter 5 None
Paralogue 3: A Strangled Peace Chapter 7 None
Paralogue 4: Anna the Merchant Chapter 9 None Anna
Paralogue 5: Scion of Legend Chapter 14 Lissa Owain
Paralogue 6: A Man for Flowers Chapter 14 Olivia Inigo
Paralogue 7: Noble Lineage Chapter 15 Maribelle Brady
Paralogue 8: A Duel Disgraced Chapter 13 Sully Kjelle
Paralogue 9: Wings of Justice Chapter 18 Sumia Cynthia
Paralogue 10: Ambivalence Chapter 13 Cordelia Severa
Paralogue 11: Twin Wyverns Chapter 16 Cherche Gerome
Paralogue 12: Disowned by Time Chapter 13 Your Character Morgan
Paralogue 13: Rival Bands Chapter 13 Panne Yame
Paralogue 14: Shadow in the Sands Chapter 13 Miriel Laurent
Paralogue 15: A Shot from the Dark Chapter 13 Tharja Noire
Paralogue 16: Daughter to Dragons Chapter 13 Nowi Nah
Paralogue 17: The Threat of Silence Chapter 18 None Tiki

There were some more Paralogue’s that were released in the Japanese version of the game via spotpass. As of now there is know data on how these new Paralogues will be received in the US and in the UK. However, it seems to reason that they will release Paralogues 18-23 through spotpass and the only requirement you will need to have is to have beaten Chapter 25. For more information on Fire Emblem: Awakening you can check out our Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide Collection. For everything gaming, keep it here at Gamers Heroes. Thanks for reading.


  1. it says that panne’s child is named yame but when i recruited panne’s child his name was yarne does it have something to do with who she marries

  2. it says that panne’s child is named yame but when i recruited panne’s child his name was yarne does it have something to do with who she marries

    1. His name is Yarne. I can’t tell if in the chart if it’s a typo, or if the R and N mix together. I know there are some fonts that are really annoying because they do that…

  3. What happens if you killed Tharja? Will you now be able to unlock Paralogues 16 and 17?

    1. Sadly, no. You probably figured this out by now. I restarted game when I was @ Chapter 15 because of this. She is very good and worth it!

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