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Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide – Paralogue 10: Ambivalence Guide

The Paralogue missions in Fire Emblem: Awakening are side quests that allow you recruit powerful characters. This Fire Emblem: Awakening Paralogue 10: Ambivalence Guide will go over a good strategy to finish the Paralogue easy and how to recruit Severa into your party. For this mission to be unlocked Cordelia will have to be married and you will have to have finished Chapter 13. If you need any more help with Fire Emblem: Awakening after this you should hop on over to our Fire Emblem Awakening Guide Collection Page. It has tons of links for everything Fire Emblem. Now, let’s get started!

Paralogue 10 Guide
  • Character Unlock: Severa will join your squad after you talk to her with Chrom.
  • XP Unlock: Look for the shinning squares on the map, these areas have increases in either XP or weapon proficiency increases.
  • Item Unlock: There are two chests on the map, so if you have a couple high level thieves it might be worth bringing them along.
  • Item Unlock: When you finish the mission and defeat the boss you will pick up a Talisman.

For this mission you will start at the southernmost point of the map. The map is basically split up into two sides with a ton of weaving hallways. You can funnel enemies down two pathways towards the bottom however and this can be your major point of offense and defense.

The first thing you are going to want to do is take Chrom directly to the right when you start. You can talk to Severa with Chrom and recruit her into your party. From here you are going to want to set up your defensive positions. Take two of your heavy melee characters and block the entrance of the first rooms you come across. Back them up with support and healers and let the fighting begin!

When you talk to Severa she says that she has to help Holland as well. Your going to have to talk with Holland before he is killed to recruit Severa fully into your party. Make your way through the different corridors of the battlefield. It is probably a good option to try to stay to the hallways that are only 2 characters in width. This way you can have powerful pairs that just block up the way and move forward methodically.

After a couple of turns of you moving forward, there will be reinforcements that show up on the stairs to the north. These enemies are not too strong, just keep on your courses through the hallways and make your way to Holland. It will probably be in your best interest to guard the right side of the east corridor as you move through it with some paired up troops. You have to get Severa to Holland alive to recruit her.

Take out the rest of the enemies on the map but make sure to leave Holland in the top right room with a chest and the boss alone for a while. You need Severa to walk up to Holland so that she can talk to him. Killing the boss to soon will result in the match being over and Severa not joining your party. Keep your troops back from the boss area and Holland and you should be good for a couple of turns.

After Severa does speak to Holland some more reinforcements will come up from the group of 4 stairs in the center room to the north. Have a couple of forces ready to cut off these troops so they don’t catch you off guard. Take out these enemies and then you can kill off the boss. If you don’t want to deal with those troops, you could always kill the boss right after Severa speaks to Holland and that will end the chapter as well.

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