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Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide – Paralogue 2: The Secret Seller Guide

Fire Emblem: Awakening Paralogue 2: The Secret Seller is a side quest with a character in trouble. This Fire Emblem: Awakening Paralogue 2: The Secret Seller Guide will go over how to save Anna so you can recruit her for your team later. If you need any more help please comment in the comment section below. If you would like to see more Fire Emblem: Awakening guides, you can check out our Fire Emblem: Guide collection page that has all ton of links for all of the chapters and side quests including DLC characters that will be available soon. Lets get started!

Paralogue 2: The Secret Seller Guide
  • Character Unlock: Anna will only be recruitable later in the game if you save her in this mission.
  • Item Unlock: You will get an item from the village when you visit.

Your units will spawn on the bottom left corner of the map. Your first objective is to get to the top right area with a fast moving unit where the village is. Anna will be defending this area and can hold her own for a couple of turns, but she does need help. Clear out the enemies in this area and visit the village. Once you visit the village it will be safe and Anna will be recruitable later. You should have a conversation with her as well to make sure that she is recruitable.

From here on it is all about dividing and conquering. Keep two groups together with heavy melee and support classes to back them up. Take out the enemies to the north of your spawn point first with your coalition. They can do the most damage to your team if they start surrounding you.

Then work on the enemies surrounding the boss. At this point you can bring your troops that you sent to the top right section of the map and join your allies that should still be near the starting area. To delay fighting the boss and his goons, you might want to retreat towards the troops you sent to the top right of the map.

Once you gather everyone you can take on the troops. The boss is very tough. Be wary of who you send in to attack. He wields a throwing ax so he can hit support classes like an archer or a mage. Take him out and then clean up the rest of the enemies. With any luck you will have cleared the village, talked to Anna and not lost any of your soldiers. That will be the end of this chapter.

If you need any more help with this chapter, or would like to take a look at some more chapters, check out our Fire Emblem: Awakening Guide Collection that will have all of the information on Fire Emblem: Awakening help and strategies you could ever need! You can also ask questions or give others more help by leaving a comment below. If it is a really good suggestion, we will add it to our guide and credit you in it! Until next time, thanks for reading heroes!

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