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Fire Emblem Echoes Side Quest Guide

Fire Emblem Echoes Side Quest Guide
Side quests in Fire Emblem Echoes are a great way for you to earn some extra cash and gear. Some of these you will stumble upon in town and others are hidden in the game world. Check out this Fire Emblem Echoes Side Quest Guide for help finding and completing them all!

Fire Emblem Echoes Side Quests

Fire Emblem Echoes Chapter 1 Side Quests
Fire Emblem Echoes Chapter 2 Side Quests
Fire Emblem Echoes Chapter 3 Side Quests
Fire Emblem Echoes Chapter 4 Side Quests

We are updating this Fire Emblem Echoes Side Quest Guide as we go so check back soon!

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  1. I believe there are two side quests on Chapter 1 afaik. One regarding the ram wine and another about killing 20 thieves on the Thieve’s Shrine. It can be triggered by going back to town and speaking to the npc’s before proceeding to the dungeon.

  2. Something to add about the cheese quest: the last cheese you can give the guy before he disappears is the pegasus cheese, which can be obtained from the rion guy right next to him. I think he gave me one of the stat boosting items in return.

  3. The sluice keeper’s quest doesn’t seem to end as far as I can tell; I’ve given him about six oils with different rewards but the same dialogue each time, and there’s no exclamation mark for him on the map like for other unfinished quests.

  4. Also, there’s a guy back at Celica’s priory who asks you to kill 20 zombies at the graveyard above, similar to the woman who asks you to kill the thieves in Act 1. I only discovered the guy in Act 4 when the zombies were long gone, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find him in Act 2.

  5. for the royal chef in chapter three, the item you need it a dragon thread you obtain from a spectral dragon fought by talking to the statue in one of the early rooms of the fear mountain shrine dungeon

  6. Some other side quests I encountered not yet listed here:

    Act 2
    Novis Greatport (Tavern) – Trade 3 Mana herbs for Medicinal Syrup

    Zofia Harbor (Tavern) – Trade ingredients for a Sweet Cookie. I can’t remember the ingredients exactly though it was flour, butter, honey, and another ingredient.

    Act 3
    Alessio 2 – the guy you sold 5 coral fragments will sell to you a Coral ring for 30 silver after you beat Desaix. Though I can’t remember where I saw him again, will update.

    1. It is indeed butter, flour and honey. She gives you a sweet cookie in return! Yum :3 Oh and I never finished the coral quest but now its gone, what did I miss on exactly?

    2. You can buy the Coral Ring in the War Room of Desaix’s Fortress after you’ve beaten Desaix.

  7. Alessio 3. He shows up again at Grieths hideout asking for 5 Steel Lances this time.

    1. Any idea what the reward is or where to get that many steel lances (excluding dlc or course)?

      1. I only have 3 steel lances with Celica at the moment. Upgrading iron lances can help I guess. But where to farm iron lances though haha

        1. he give you 50 silver mark each, later you find them around some where. If you have the DLC you get as drop item from pots and jars

  8. The Stolen Icon quest seems to be missing. After giving the lumberjack an Axe he gives you an carving then disappears, I’m not sure if you need to clear a certain chapter of not but if you come back into the village he will give you this quest. The in-game text reads, ”The lumberjack’s latest issue involves Terrors absconding with the Duma carving he made.” but I’m not sure where I could find this item, maybe the dragon shrine or the graveyard? (I’m now in chapter 4 btw so I hope it’s not too late…)

    1. I retrieved the Duma carving from a Terror during one of the (many) fights at the Mountain Graveyard. I want to say it was after I spoke with the Lumberjack about it. So 1st time speaking with him, you give him the axe and he rewards you. Second time he brags about his new Duma carving. Third time he says some Terrors stole it and is all nervy. At that point, look for the Duma carving in the Mountain Graveyard.
      But, I brought the carving back and spoke to the Lumberjack, and he replied that he wants nothing to do with it! Anyone know what to do with the Duma carving now that I have it?

      1. Do you think he said anything that could imply he’d rather have the Mila Carving you get from Alm’s side?

        1. He didn’t. He just says he wants nothing to do with the Duma carving and the bad luck it brought him. It’s worth a shot visiting him with a Mila carving – but that’s assuming there are unlimited/very many peddlers in chapter 4 to swap items between parties. Is that true?

          1. You’ll find three in Nuiababa’s (or whatever her name is) Fortress. The are in dungeon two locked up in a cell. Could always save before doing it and it it doesn’t work just reset. Perhaps I’ll try that later, will keep you guys posted if I do.

          2. Thanks for that. Yeah, you’re probably SOL on the Duma carving, but we’ve yet to prove that it’s useful. Where do you get the Mila carving on Alm’s side?

          3. I don’t remember exactly, I’m sorry. I’m pretty sure it was while examining a room though, nothing too complicated. Will let you know if ever I find out though, but you’ll probably get the one on Celica’s side much before tbh.

          4. You can get a Mila’s carving from the thieves shrine near the gold chest to the right of the chest break the crates/pots there and behind them will be a Mila’s carving

  9. There’s a Merchant’s Wife in the Forest Village House 2 (Alm’s side) who asks you to find her husband in the Sylvan Shrine. In the top left room of the main chamber there’s a bunch of boxes you have to break. You’ll find a handmade doll and bloody writing on the wall. Tell the lady that and she’ll walk off in a daze.

    The doll can be given to the girl you saved at House 1. She gives a Fruit of Life. Looks like she’s still looking for cute things though.

    1. The quest for the Merchant”s Wife still appears on my map though, like it’s not completed. Perhaps we are missing something, I let 3 in game days pass but she hasn’t returned yet. I’m not sure what to do, did she walk off to the shrine herself or something..?

      1. Go to nuibaba’s abode interior and go to the dungeon where the three peddlers were. A young man will be there, who’s the husband of the wife, he thanks you for saving him and goes back to the village. You can now go back to the merchants wife and she’ll give you a Mila carving.

  10. I’ve found another missing quest for Act 4. A scholarly man wants yogurt, Duma moss and an Orange so he can make some ambrosia. I’ve kept the orange from a long time ago, but I’ve no idea where to find the other two!

    1. yogurt use can get it from dungeon or the little girl request from the village whom ask for cute stuff i think it on Alm path. the duma moss took me far in the game to get one before the end game. wiki should help for the location

  11. I’m not sure if this is a quest or not, but if you bring the male blacksmith in Rigelian Village 4 dragon scales he will forge you a Draco Shield. Hooray!

  12. In regards to the Lima Armlet quest, I just encountered the group and the one with the armlet is level 15 and the other two are level 20. Maybe the levels are different each time or something? Let me know if this helps.

  13. On Celica’s chapter 3 I obtained a new quest shortly after killing Grieth to find a young man’s father. I ended up finding the father’s tricorne (hat) from a zombie in the nearby graveyard. Haven’t found the young man again (yet).

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