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Fire Emblem Fates Guide: Improving Relationships Guide

Fire Emblem Fates Guide: Improving Relationships Guide
Relationships in Fire Emblem Fates will play a crucial role in helping you survive combat. The better the relationship, the higher the buffs and damage your characters will do. Check out this guide to learn How To Improve Relationships In Fire Emblem Fates.

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How To Improve Relationships In Fire Emblem Fates

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] There are a few ways to improve relationships throughout Fire Emblem Fates. Be sure to check the Support list in your camp to see who works best with who. Any unit that can go to S rank in the Support department is worth teaming up with.

Battle – This is the best way to help raise your relationships with units. All you really have to do is have them fight next to each other and their relationship will raise. This works by placing them next to each other on the battle field. You can also line them up with one behind and one in front during battle as well. If all the units around the area have a connection and are lined up in a T type formation they can all attack, this is difficult to pull off.

In general units seem to get better relationships with units that went to battle and won with them. Sometimes I get support dialogue between characters that didn’t even team up, just fought in the same map together. Pairing them up for Combat is a great way to raise units relationships with each other as well.

Private Quarters – Calling a unit to your Private Quarters after a match will also increase their relationship with you. This is a great way to boost anyone you want helping your character out. This is also how you can find someone to marry if you are interested in that type of thing. It takes some time though so be ready for a long ride.

Units In Base – Sometimes while you are walking around base you can find a couple of units near each other and if you talk to them their relationship with each other will increase. I’m not sure if you can trigger this every time or not, so far it has been random for me.

Hot Springs – You unlock this a little later in the game and you can place them in your base. You can’t choose who will be in the bath with you but whoever is there will go up in relation with you slightly.

I am updating this as I go so check back soon for more updates!

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