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Fire Emblem Heroes Guide – How To Get Hero Feathers

Fire Emblem Heroes Guide - How To Get Hero Feathers
Hero Feathers are a rare and valuable currency in Fire Emblem Heroes that become incredibly useful once your Heroes start reaching level 20. This Fire Emblem Heroes guide will tell you everything you need to know to get loads of Hero Feathers quickly, easily and free. So you can use them to upgrade your favorite Heroes once they reach level 20.

Fire Emblem Heroes Guide – How To Get Hero Feathers

Hero Feathers are the items marked by the feather icon on your castle screen. Initially they appear pretty useless but once you reach level 20 with your Heroes, you’ll often find yourself running low. There are a number of methods to getting Hero Feathers easily, quickly and free, although it’s still quite a grind.

Method one involves finding some friends. Whether these are actual people you know in real life or just friend codes you grab from Reddit. You can add people to your in-game friends list (via the ridiculous friend code system Nintendo refuse to ditch). You can then periodically “greet” them on the friends list menu, this provides you with free Hero Feathers on a regular basis.

Method two is built on the first method. As well as greeting them manually you will often see the leader of your friends’ parties appear inside your castle at the bottom of the screen. Click on them when they appear and sometimes they will give you Hero Feathers.

The third method is similar but using your own Heroes. Check your castle between missions and sometimes you will see your Heroes with heart icons above their heads. This indicates they have something to give you. Click on the character to receive items, usually Hero Feathers.

Fire Emblem Heroes Guide - How To Get Hero Feathers

The final method involves getting rid of your weaker or unwanted Heroes. On the Allies screen select the “Send Home” function. You can then choose to send Heroes way, deleting them really. You are given Hero Feathers in exchange, you get more based on the level and rarity of the Hero.

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