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Fire Emblem Heroes Stats Guide – All Stats Explained

Fire Emblem Heroes Stats Guide - All Stats Explained
Fire Emblem Heroes, one of the most anticipated mobile games of 2017, is now available and plays host to a huge variety of exciting features. This Fire Emblem Heroes stats guide walks you through one of the basic elements of the game, providing information on all of the different stats and what role they play in battle.

Fire Emblem Heroes Stats Guide – All Stats Explained

Each Hero in Fire Emblem Heroes uses 5 different stats related to battle and another related to upgrading the characters (SP). Below is a list of all the stats in Fire Emblem Heroes alongside the information on what each stat does.

What Does HP Do In Fire Emblem Heroes
HP, or Hit Points, is the amount of health a particular Hero has. Once HP reaches 0 in battle, the Hero is defeated and removed from the battlefield.

What Does ATK Do In Fire Emblem Heroes
ATK, or Attack Points, is the number that influences the damage a Hero can do. The higher the base value of ATK the more damage a Hero can do in battle.

What Does SPD Do In Fire Emblem Heroes
SPD influences the potential for a Hero to attack twice. If a Hero has 5 more speed than an opponent, they will attack twice (there are also skills for this effect). For example, if your Barst Hero has 10 SPD and attacks a foe with 5 SPD, he will attack twice.

What Does DEF Do In Fire Emblem Heroes
DEF, or Defense, is the stat that influences your Heroes ability to withstand direct damage. DEF only applies to physical attacks. A higher DEF value will see physical attacks directed at your Hero do less damage.

What Does RES Do In Fire Emblem Heroes
RES, or Resistance, works in a very similar way to DEF but for different attack types. Higher RES stat reduces damage from magical attacks, which includes spells, breath effects and staves.

What Does SP Do In Fire Emblem Heroes
SP, or Skill Points, is displayed on the Hero portrait screen as well as during the leveling process – however it does not effect battle. SP is unique to each Hero, is earned through leveling, and can be spent to buy new skills for a Hero.

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