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Fire Emblem Three Fates Choose Adrestian, Holy Kingdom Or Leicester Alliance

Fire Emblem Three Fates Choose Adrestian, Holy Kingdom Or Leicester Alliance
An early choice in Fire Emblem Three Fates has you choose your place of birth. This guide will tell you the consequences of your choice whether you choose Adrestian Empire, the Holy Kingdom or the Leicester Alliance.

It is worth noting, this is not a hugely impactful choice. You are not pledging your allegiance to any faction or making a life or death decision. Your decision here does have consequences, but you are not choosing your house or anything of that nature.

The choice you make here does give you some relationship points. These points go towards many things later in the game. It allows you to recruit units to your army, get buffs when fighting with certain students and other minor perks.

Your choice here gives you relationship points with a leader of the house you choose. As you cannot recruit leaders from other houses, it makes sense to choose the house you plan on joining later in the game.

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Choose Adrestian Empire
You gain points with Edelgard, best to choose if you’re going with the Black Eagles house later in the game.

Choose Holy Kingdom Of Faerghus
You gain points with Dimitri. Best to choose this one if you plan on joining the Blue Lions.

Choose Leicester Alliance
You gain points with Claude. This is the choice to make if you want to go with the Golden Stags.

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