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Fire Emblem Three Houses Birthday Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses Birthday Guide
Want to know when to set your birthday to get the free gift? This Fire Emblem Three Houses Birthday Guide will tell you what month and date the game begins its campaign so you can set your birthday to a date closer to the time to receive your gift earlier.

While you’re probably viewing this for when you start your New Game+, it works equally well if you’re just starting the game. At the beginning of the game you get to make two choices. Your gender and your birthday. The former is an obvious choice, but why does the latter matter?

Fire Emblem Three Houses Birthday Guide

On your characters birthday, you are sent a reward by the leader of your house. It’s usually a simple accessory. Nothing super powerful but for a freebie at the start of the game, it’s great, and well worth just changing around a few dates and numbers.

The game officially starts on 4/20 Great Tree Moon. You get to control your character on 4/23 Great Tree Moon. Just to play it safe, I usually select 5/21 Harpstring Moon. This gives you the item at the start of the next month. It may be possible to do it earlier but I wasn’t sure if story and events would interfere.

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