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Fire Emblem Three Houses Choices And Consequences Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses Choices And Consequences Guide
Fire Emblem Three Houses has a ton of choices for you to make throughout the game. Some of these have obvious consequences and others, not so much. Check out this Fire Emblem Three Houses choices and consequences guide to find the path you want to take.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Choices And Consequences Guide

The choices start coming in early in this game. Not all of them have a good or bad answer, some are just conversations.

We have a student choices and consequences guide here as well.

Prologue Choices And Consequences

Who Are You?
Having That Dream Again?
Leaving At Dawn
But Who Called Me That?
What Does That Make You?
You Would Have Died
Time Has Stopped
Now What To Do
Are You The Captains Child?
Have I Missed Anything?
Where Are You From?
Each Of The Three Is Most Unique
To Be Forced To See Her Now
Lady Rhea
What Is Your Name?
I Must Work Here?
Meeting Manuela

Chapter 1 Choices And Consequences

House Choice
That Is How A Crest Presents Itself
Giving Blood To The Crest Analyzer
Student Choices And Consequences
Pre Mock Battle (Golden Deer)
Post Mock Battle (Golden Deer)
Post Mock Battle (Blue Lions)
Bonding With The Students
Your First True Battle(Blue Lions)

Chapter 2 Choices And Consequences

Life At The Monastery
Hymn Recital In The Cathedral
It Looks Like Hair In The Device (Crest Device)
Pre Bandit Battle (Golden Deer)
Post Bandit Battle (Golden Deer)
After The Bandit Battle (Blue Lions)
Rhea Post Bandit Battle

Chapter 3 Choices And Consequences

Lord Lonato Rallied Troops
Wielder Of Thunderbrand
Pre Battle (Golden Deer)
After Lonato Fight Alongside Catherine (Golden Deer)
After Lonato Fight Alongside Catherine (Blue Lions)
Returning To Rhea After Lord Lonato Battle

Chapter 4 Choices And Consequences

The Plan (Black Eagles)
The Plan(Golden Deer)
On The Day Of The Rite(Golden Deer)
On The Day Of The Rite (Black Eagles)
Pre Ritual (Blue Lions)
Pre Ritual (Golden Deer)
Pre Ritual (Black Eagles)
Post Ritual (Golden Deer)
Post Ritual (Blue Lions)

Chapter 5 Choices And Consequences

New Mission (Black Eagles)
New Mission (Golden Deer)
Pre Battle (Golden Deer)
After The Mission Speaking With Rhea (Golden Deer)
After The Mission Speaking With Rhea (Black Eagles)
After The Mission Speak With Rhea (Blue Lions)

Chapter 6 Choices And Consequences

Troubling Rumors
Speaking With Dedue (Blue Lions)
Checking In On Jeritza (Black Eagles)
Checking In On Jeritza (Golden Deer)
Pre Underground Passage Fight (Blue Lion)
All That Matters Is Her Safety(Black Eagles)
Post Underground Battle (Golden Deer)
Speaking With Seteth Post Underground Battle (Blue Lions)
When Speaking With Rhea After The Battle
Speaking With Jeralt
Paralogue - War For The Weak
Paralogue - Rumored Nuptials

Chapter 7 Choices And Consequences

Dont Tell Me You Forgot Teach? (Golden Deer)
The Eagle And The Lion Battle (Black Eagles)
The Eagle And The Lion Battle Post Battle (Black Eagles)
The Battle For The Eagle & Lion (Blue Lions)
Paralogue - The Forgotten
Manage The Mission All By Ourselves
Sothis Paralogue
We Have To Go Now(Black Eagles)
Pre Eagle & Lion Battle (Blue Lion)
Pre Battle For The Eagle & Lion (Golden Deer)
Post Eagle & Lion Battle (Blue Lion)
Post Eagle & Lion Battle (Golden Deer)

Chapter 8 Choices And Consequences

Speaking With Manuela & Jeralt
When Speaking With Claude In The Library (Golden Deer)
When Dimitri Meets Lord Arundel (Blue Lion)
Pre Village Battle (Blue Lion)
Pre Village Battle (Golden Deer)
Post Village Battle (Golden Deer)
Post Village Battle (Blue Lion)
Post Village Battle (Black Eagles)
Post Battle Rhea Chat
Paralogue True Chivalry
Join The Flame Emperor

Chapter 9 Choices And Consequences

Meet Here In 5 Years(Black Eagles)
Meet Here In 5 Years (Blue Lion)
We Found Evidence Of Someone Sneaking Into An Unused Chapel
Paralogue Oil and Water
Paralogue An Ocean View
After The Ball
Pre Battle

Chapter 10 Choices And Consequences

Is That Jeralts... (Golden Deer)
You Must Accept What Has Come To Pass
Jearlt Was My Ally Of Many Years
Pre Forest Battle (Blue Lions)
Speaking with Edelgard (Black Eagles)
Even A Boulder Has More sense!
How Will You Use This New Power?
Alls Well That Ends Well (Golden Deer)
You Must Remain Still

Chapter 11 Choices And Consequences

Go To The Holy Tomb
Pre Holy Tomb Battle (Golden Deer)
Pre Holy Tomb Battle (Blue Lion)
Post Holy Tomb Battle (Golden Deer)
Post Holy Tomb Battle (Blue Lion)
Do You recognize This Throne?
Urgent Choices

Chapter 12 Choices And Consequences

Conversation With Rhea - The Fault Is My Own
Speaking With Edelgard (Black Eagles)
Pre Battle (Blue Lions)
Pre Battle (Church)
Pre Battle (Black Eagles)

Chapter 13 Choices And Consequences

Waking Up
Speaking with Claude
Speaking With Dimitri
What Are you Doing Here?(Church)
Where Have You Been?(Black Eagles)
Speaking With Seteth(Church)
Post Battle (Golden Deer)
Pre Mission (Black Eagles)
Speaking With Gilbert

Chapter 14 Choices And Consequences

Time To Take A Stand Against The Empire (Church)
I will bring you her head soon (Blue Lion)
Where do you stand? (Golden Deer)
What Is Your Impression Of Claude? (Black Eagles)
It Is Almost Time To Depart(Black Eagles)
What Is The Meaning Of This? Post Battle With Dimitri (Blue Lions)
Take Back Fhirdiad Or Take Down Enbarr (Blue Lions)
Why Is The Empire Intent Of Making An Enemy Of The Church (Church)
Post Battle (Church)

Chapter 15 Choices And Consequences

Is Something Wrong?(Black Eagles)
You Didnt Hear Anything Just Now Did You?(Black Eagles)
Foreign Land And Sky (Paralogue)
Foreign Land And Sky (Paralogue)
Paralogue - Weathervanes Of Fodlan
Pre Battle (Blue Lions)
Post Battle (Blue Lions)
Pre Battle (Church)
Post Battle (Church)
We Have No Choice But To Use Our Small Numbers (Church)

Chapter 16 Choices And Consequences

Talking With Rodrigue (Blue Lions)
Please Bear That In Mind (Black Eagles)
Post Battle (Black Eagles)
Paralogue - Eternal Guardian
Pre/Post Bridge Battle (Blue Lions)
Pre Battle (Church)
Post Battle (Church)

Chapter 17 Choices And Consequences

You Have That Same Strength As Well (Black Eagles)
Dont You Agree Professor? (Black Eagles)
It Will Be Very Difficult To Pursue Them (Black Eagles)
Unknown? I... (Church)
Rodrigue, Gustave, Dedue...(Church)
The Imperial army has lost some of its luster (Church)
Reminiscent of that terror of legend (Church)
We all have many questions but for now

Chapter 18 Choices And Consequences

We cannot ignore the possibility
Post Battle (Blue Lions)
Pre/Post Capital Battle (Blue Lions)
The Power You Wield And What You Are (Black Eagles)
It Will Be Very Difficult To Pursue Them (Black Eagles)
Post Battle With Dedue (Church)

Chapter 19 Choices And Consequences

Pre Battle (Church)
Start Of Chapter (Blue Lions)
Paralogue - The Silver Maidens
Post-Derdriu Battle (Blue Lions)
Heard The Stories Of A Man Named Nemesis (Church)

Chapter 20 Choices And Consequences

Pre Battle (Church)
Pre Fort Merceus Battle (Blue Lions)
Post Fort Merceus Battle (Blue Lions)

Chapter 21 Choices And Consequences

Interrogation (Blue Lions)
Discussion With Dimitri (Blue Lions)
Pre Enbarr Battle (Blue Lions)
Post Enbarr Battle (Blue Lions)
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