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Fire Emblem Three Houses Gardening Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gardening Guide
Gardening is a rewarding activity you unlock early in Three Houses. This Fire Emblem Three Houses Gardening Guide walks you through the basics of gardening in the game including information on how long it takes for crops to grow, how to yield the best crops and the possibilities of rare item rewards.

During Chapter 1, Dedue has a side quest called Green Thumb Beginnings. Once you have completed this side quest, you have access to the Gardening mini-game. You can participate in Gardening whenever you are in the Monastery exploring. It does not take an action point to do Gardening.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gardening Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gardening Guide Special Items
At first, you are only able to plant a single seed. As your professor rank increases, you can plant more seeds and use more cultivation options. Spending money on cultivating drastically increases the yield of each crop, so once unlocked, it’s really worth doing.

As soon as you end exploration and leave the Monastery, the crops grow. This means you can return on your next free day and harvest the crops. The length of time you leave the crops to grow does not impact the amount you harvest.

When planting crops, especially at later levels, you want to pay special attention to a few things. The crop type, the level and the cultivation. If you plant different crops of the same variety and use higher level cultivating options, you will sometimes grow special items that offer permanent buffs to stats. For example, I grew a White, Blue and Pale-Blue Flower Seed with Bonemeal. When it was finished I got a Golden Apple, an item that permanently increases Charm by 1.

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