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Fire Emblem Three Houses Glowing Pond Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses Glowing Pond Guide
Curious what the light glowing pond Fish of Mystery event is in Three Houses? This Fire Emblem Three Houses Glowing Pond Guide reveals the secrets of this mystery event including tips on completing the event, the fish reward you receive and the value of the dish it can cook.

A limited time event, the Fish of Mystery, occurs during two different months of Fire Emblem Three Houses. It’s a fishing event that promises a mystery fish. It can be a difficult event to complete so it’s a good idea to stock up on bait before the event. However, if you cannot, it’s still possible. Simply by 5 of the 5 star bait and save before attempting the event. If you lose all your bait, reload and try again.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Glowing Pond Guide

Normally, when you are fishing, there are three types of fish shadows. Blue, Red, and Gold. However, for this event, there is a 4th kind of shadow, a rainbow shadow. This is the special fish. I spent nearly 90 minutes fishing with different baits but only ever caught the fish when using the 5 star bait, Herring Bait.

Depending on your current financial situation, there are two ways to best achieve victory here. Cast your Herring Bait. Ignore every shadow that pops up unless it’s the rainbow shadow. Usually you can ignore 3 fish before the bait is gone. Repeat this until you find the rainbow shadow. Alternatively, if you’re tight for cash, ignore everything but the gold and rainbow shadow.

It’s a very tough fish to catch. It’s a lot quicker than other fish and there’s no solid tempo, so prepare for a fight. Once you’ve caught it, you will obtain the Goddess Messenger fish. It’s worth 1500g but it has another use. Combined with a Magdred Kirsch, you can speak with the Head Chef to prepare a dish, Deified Fish. This dish gives all allies +1 to Dex, Spd and Def for the entire month.

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