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Fire Emblem Three Houses Recruitment Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses Recruitment Guide
You can recruit many different characters in Three Houses. This Fire Emblem Three Houses Recruitment Guide explains one particular aspect of recruiting new characters to your house, the individual stats they require you have in order to accept your invitation.

There are two primary methods of be able to recruit someone to your House, Support and stats. Support is a mixture of many ingredients that raises your relationship with that particular person. You can increase Support by delivering gifts, finding lost items, answering questions and participating in events at the Monastery.

Note: Almost any character will join you if you get their Support rank to C.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Recruitment Guide

Each individual has an affinity for a particular pair of stats. Sometimes it correlates with their own stats, other times it does not. If you want to recruit a particular character to your house, you will need to meet the stat requirements for that character.

Note: Some characters cannot be recruited into specific houses. Hilda, for example, can’t join the Black Eagles. If you’re trying to recruit someone and cannot give them gifts or ask for them to join, that’s likely the case.

Character NameHouseStat #1Stat #2
BernadettaBlack EaglesStrBow
DorotheaBlack EaglesChaAuthority
FerdinandBlack EaglesDexHeavy Armor
CasparBlack EaglesStrBrawl
PetraBlack EaglesDexRiding
LindhardtBlack EaglesMagReason
AsheBlue Lions
MercedesBlue LionsMagBow
SylvainBlue LionsChaReason
FelixBlue LionsSpdSword
IngridBlue LionsDexFlying
FlaynChurchStory Related
ShamirChurchHigh Enough Level(You need to be 20 for her to join)
MarianneGolden DeerMagRiding
LorenzGolden DeerChaReason
RaphaelGolden DeerStrHeavy Armor
LysitheaGolden DeerMagFaith
HildaGolden DeerChaAxe
IgnatzGolden DeerDexAuthority
LeonieGolden DeerStrLance
HannemanStaffEither story related(chapter 8) or level related(lvl 20ish)
CatherineStaffLevel (20+)
CyrilStaff (Blue Lions)Story Progression
SetethStaff (Church)Joining the Church at the halfway points will net you Seteth as an ally.
AloisStaff(Church)Story Related(Chapter 11) Be sure to speak with him

We will continue to update our Fire Emblem Three Houses Recruitment Guide as we progress through the game.

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