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Fire Emblem Three Houses Side Quest Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses Side Quest Guide
Fire Emblem Three Houses has plenty of side quests that you can do for extra money and exp. Some of these quests are simple, and others can be tricky. Check out this Fire Emblem Three Houses side quest guide to complete them all.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Side Quest Guide

Chapter 1 Side Quests

Fresh Catch
Green Thumb Beginnings
Share A Bite

Chapter 2 Side Quests

A Passion For Music
Troubling Rumors
Creative Cuisines

Chapter 3 Side Quests

Learning From The Best
Lost? Found!
Words Of Wisdom
Tea For Two

Chapter 4 Side Quests

In Hiding
Only The Bold

Chapter 5 Side Quests

Tending To The Saints
Forge The Way
Clearing The Way
Herbal Remedies
Maintaining Your Training

Chapter 6 Side Quests

Herbs Fit For A Horse
Special Delivery

Chapter 7 Side Quests

Fishing Tournament
Banish The Bandits
Carried Away
The Best Of The best

Chapter 8 Side Quests

Catherine And Shamir request
Secret Messenger
The Missing Students
Something To Prove

Chapter 9 Side Quests

The White Heron Cup
Adventures In Wood Carving

Chapter 10 Side Quests

The Cream Of The Crop

Chapter 11 Side Quests

Eagle Eye

Chapter 13 Side Quests

Dealing With Deserters
Supply Run(Black Eagles)

Chapter 14 Side Quests

Supply Run (Blue Lions)
A Piece Of History
Fishing For The Big One
Floral Tribute (Black Eagles)
Pirates In The North

Chapter 15 Side Quests

Supply Run (Black Eagles)
The Secret Shop
Undercover Commerce

Chapter 16 Side Quests

Taking Care Of Business

Chapter 17 Side Quests

Worried Warrior
Supply Run (Blue Lions)

Chapter 18 Side Quests

Supply Run (Blue Lions)
Floral Tribute (Blue Lions)

Chapter 19 Side Quests

Supply Run (Blue Lions)

Chapter 20 Side Quests

Supply Run (Blue Lions)

Chapter 20 Side Quests

Supply Run (Blue Lions)
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