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Fire Emblem Three Houses Stats Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses Stats Guide
There are eight base core stats in Three Houses. This Fire Emblem Three Houses Stats Guide explains the fundamentals behind Strength, Magic, Dexterity, Speed, Luck, Defense, Resistance, and Charisma. Each stat is unique in the benefits it applies to the character but certain stats are better suited for certain classes or roles.

Whenever a character increases in level, they gain more stats. The stats they gain are based on the characters current class. There are other methods of increasing stats, such as participating in certain events or using certain special items that offer small, but permanent, boosts to stats. Below is a break down of each of the stats in the game as well as their effects on your characters.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Stats Guide

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Affects all damage done by physical attacks

Affects all damage done by magical attacks

Affects your ability to hit a target and your critical hit chance

Affects your avoidance rate, how often you are able to dodge an enemies attack

Various minor effects on a lot of things. Lowers the risk of receiving a critical hit from an enemy

Reduces damage from physical attacks

Reduces damage from magical attacks

Charm (Charisma)
Increases your gambit attacks from battalions. Increases the Gambits damage, hit chance and avoidance possibility.

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