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Fire Emblem Three Houses Student Choices And Consequences Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses Student Choices And consequences Guide
When you become a teacher in Fire Emblem Three Houses, you will start to get choices as you speak with your students. Some will raise you points with them, while others will lower your points with them. Check out this Fire Emblem Three Houses student choices and consequences guide.



I Could Forget About My Assignment
He Inhales Entire Plates Of Food
I Hope The Saints coffins Were Not Damaged
I Have A Question
Before Our Lives Began In Earnest
I Havent Had My Morning Or My Afternoon Naps
It May Come Down To Asking The Archbishop
Who Lose Their Lives In That Struggle


I Could Take You Though
Says I Am Gonna Choke Or Something
I Do Not Think I could Choose A Side
What Could They Have To Talk About
All Right I Am Ready To Fight!
Not Really Sure What All Means Though
I Feel Like I Have Said That Before


If You Would Like To Take Notes
I Abdhor Those Like Lord Lonato
Ferdinad Would Like To Speak With You
Where She Might Have Wandered Off to
Do You Ever Think About That Sort Of Thing Professor?
It Is A Sad Situation Really
I Would Never Have Had All These Experiences


Im Not Doing Anything
Checking On Bernadetta
Im Not Secretly Eating Cake
What If My Parents Come To Watch
I Have A Cold
I Brought Flowers
No More Bernie Bear!
You Can Get Killed Without No One Ever Even Finding Out
What does war with Edelgard mean for us, professor?
Am I Not Taking It Seriously Enough?!


Have You Seen My Cloth?
Were You Watching That?
Depending On Who Died Its Different
Dorothea B Support Rank
Feeling Confident?
How Can I Help?
I Wonder Who Is Going To Win?
If Id Just stayed with The Opera
Any Of Us Could Be
I wonder whose going to win
What Is The Seiros Church Really?
Can we really plan to fight when we are this unsure of ourselves?
Is it permitted to run away?
With the stage, an entire continent
Put this terrible war behind us


Too Hot Or Too Cold Weather?
I Have Also Been Targeted In The Past
Petra Would Like To Speak With You
Petra B Rank Support
What Are You Thinking Professor?
Hair That Shines And Eyes That Glow
But Understanding And Speaking are Fruits Of A Different Color
Have I Had Enough Growth To Become The Ruler?


I Prefer Not To Consider Such A Gruesome Scenario
Hubert Wants To Speak With You
Present You With A Reward
I Enjoy Attacks That Art Surprising


Edelgard Would Like To Speak With You
Are You Leading The Life You Envisioned For Yourself?
We Will Capture It
Rank B Support Chat
I Am Truly Humbled By Your Support
Ill Struggle To Forgive You
Steel Your Heart And Ready Yourself For The Battle Ahead

Randolph(After Chapter 12)

Ive Seen You Somewhere Before



Do You Want Something?
Sending an assassin to the Monastery, Hm?
Have you seen a man who looks like me?
What Do You Think Professor?
I cant stand the state of that thing. Do something about it
Steeling myself to see my father again
I always knew my father was mad
Shes his stepsister but this seems risky


Strength Or Skill?
What Do You Think Professor?
How Important Can That Stuff Really Be?
I Used To Think They Were The Best
How Do Your Abs Looks?
We must not be overconfident though


I Am Busy So Make It Quick
One Thing After Another
She Has Been Bizarrely Cheerful


Have You Gone To The Library Yet?
She Appears Young...
Garreg Mach Should Be On The Lookout As Well
We Dont Know The Nature Of Our Enemies
You Didnt Lose Something As A Consequence Did You?
I Wonder If It Would Really End Up As Such
That must mean that Claudes Allies Are
Have you ever heard of the Hrym Family?
The prince is having doubts about killing her


Feels Like I Am visiting Those Places Myself
Talking About Art
Im Worried About Her
He Was So Strong
Its important to me, and I will protect it
Find my own place in this world
I wonder what the landscape is like
To close our eyes to the horrors of war


Do You Need Something?
I Never Though Such Forces Could Exist
Battle Of The Eagle And Lion
Ive spent my whole life living in fear


Do You Think I Can Be A Top Tier Mercenary?
I Want To Help In Anyway I Can
Meet With Leonie
I Really Regretted No Being Able To Keep The Promise
Were You Always Prepared For That?
She wants to destroy the church so badly
Dont Go Dying On Use Now All Right?


Come To Offer A Prayer To The Goddess?
A Proper Noble Must Guard The People
Perhaps This Is Not A Kidnapping
Are You Sick?
You Are A True Ally Yes?



If He Had Enough Allies To Back His Rebellion
He is skilled, which is surely a boon for us
Wont Stop Me From Completing This Mission
It was Cornelia who saved the Kingdom
All out war, are you prepared professor?
If you have any unfinished business here


Do you happen to know anything?
His highness calls for the head of Edelgard
I would not be able to go on


And Herbs I never Knew Existed
I Am Sorry Professor
The Work Of Evil Spirits
I am Pretty Sure It Is Not Normal
Inside The Holy Tomb
Whats going to happen to us
Do you think it will still be cold?
Claude must have predicted we would take it
What was that year like for you professor?


Have You Seen Felix?
I have a question
Flayn Might Have Eloped
Theres No Bigger Fight
I Didnt Recognize You For A Second
Why did Edelgard make enemies with the Nobles?
I really do not want to go there
I wanna know there is a plan
I wish it wasnt to wage war
First you get past their defenses


Did You Come To Pray To The Goddess?
I Was Lost In Thought
Do you think Flayn was kidnapped?
Mercedes Rank C Support
It Might Help You Feel Better
We could invite the others for a cup of tea, and the soldiers
Ill go scout the pantry
He started courting the Kingdom instead
Death Knight, going to fight the Death Knight
Will the war really be over?


Seen A Man With The Same Color Hair?
Sweet Or Spicy?
I have a question
I Was Just Wondering If Someone Ive Been Searching For Is Among Them
I have plenty of food I can eat while walking. Smart, huh?
I just spotted him by the dining hall
Do You Think Flayn is...
You Dont Look Like Yourself Anymore
Maybe I got carried away
Doesnt care about anything other than fighting anymore
Do you remember 5 whole years ago?
I should have avoided making friends to begin with
Its not that Im looking forward to it or anything
You, His Highness, my father, our monastery friends, everyone


Many will lose their lives
There is a bitter fight ahead



I Am Not A Student Here Myself
Flayn Rank C Support
That Was So Very Long Ago Now
War is breaking out again, is it not?
We look upon the same sky
Do you recall if it was before or after I joined your class?
Professor, you remember my connection to him, do you not?


Going Out For A Mission
Do You Really Think She Was Kidnapped?
You Cant Think I Did That!
They Have Not Been Biting
But This Month! This Month!
A Lovely Fairy!
Do You Ever Regret Taking The Path You Took?
I Will Not Let Myself Be Gloomy
We are depending on your strength professor
I must fulfill my promise


Care To Duel?
I Desire Fresh Air


Something I can Help You With?
Were You Worried About My Safety?
I Have Looked Everywhere
Focus On This Months Assignment
Do You Wish To Return To Being A Mercenary?
Proud Of Who You Have Become
Please try to listen carefully for her voice


Some Individuals Making Advanced Towards Flayn
Procuring Some Supplies For Flayn
How Are You Handling The Sword?
I have something to ask of you
Please do not abandon the search for Lady


Here to train?
In This Nervous State I might Cut You Down
Catherine Support Rank C
What Would Make You Suspect Him?
Ill continue searching for Lady
Waiting for me to swoop in and rescue her


I Am A Little Busy
Please Dont Let Her Down
But It Is Still Pretty Big
If I thought Hard About It I Mean
Do the washing, dust the library
I cant shoot what I see
They didnt take her and kill her did they?
We will get there for sure right?


Try Aimless Wandering
Find Me Suspicious?
Fodlan Full Of Inhuman Creatures?
Id Stay On Their Good Sides
Last Months Fight Was A Disaster
The Real Problem Is a Certain Someone Else
Capture anyone that seems suspicious
If I dont come back, assume Im dead
I would like to save him, if we can


We Have Not A Moment To Waste
A Heros Relic
Are you feeling the same?
If you must weep, then weep


If You Can Keep Them Going Then I Will Too
I Get Really Mad!
Will You Listen?
Turning Into A Monster
Looking for someone to talk to?
True love has past me by


When First Meeting Him
Unique Situation?
Staff And Students Alike
What Do You Think About All Of This?
I Know Not How Far To Take My Search
Where I Should Have Been All Along
All Of The Time And Yet...
I understand the desire to reach a conclusion


Objective Professional
A Fool. Thats Who
He Protects His Sister With His Zeal
Consider Trading With Me
I Look Forward To Investigating You In Greater Detail
The Long Lineage Of The Von Riegan Family
When it comes to my Crest research
Do you know the nickname given to Fort Merceus


Might I Ask Your Reasons?


She Was Carrying Something
Be On Your Guard
How Is your Vertigo?


Have You Seen My Son?
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