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Fire Emblem Three Houses Tournaments Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tournaments Guide
Fighting Tournaments are an exciting way to earn cool rewards in Three Houses. This Fire Emblem Three Houses Tournaments Guide will provide a walkthrough for the Fighting Tournaments system including a calendar of events, how to win each of the tournaments and the rewards available.

The Fighting Tournament opens at the start of Chapter 4 after you complete a side quest. It’s an automated mini-game where you choose a fighter that fits the requirements and send them into battle against AI opponents. Your chosen fighter will use a basic weapon provided and just use their base stats and attack. They will not use abilities.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tournaments Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tournaments Guide Character
The most important aspects of the Fighting Tournament is the character you send into battle and their current stats. For example, the Beginner Sword Tournament is the very first tournament and I sent in Felix at Rank D Sword, level 6. He lost in the semi-final. The second attempt I sent him in at Rank C+ level 6, he got through the tournament easily.

Each tournament requires a particular specialization. The first tournament requires a sword user. Each tournament is only available for one month, so you need to make sure you have time to prepare a character in a particular discipline before the event arrives. Below is a list of the events we’ve discovered so far and what order they appear.

Beginner Sword TournamentSword (C+)1Steel Sword+
House VS House Lance TournamentLance (B)2Intermediate Seal
Intermediate Axe TournamentAxe (B)3Steel Axe+
House VS House Sword TournamentSword (B+)4Intermediate Seal
Brawling TournamentBrawl (B+)5Steel Gauntlets+
Intermediate Black Magic TournamentReason (B+)6Silver Shield
House VS House Bow TournamentBow (A+)7Advanced Seal
House VS House Magic TournamentReason (A+)8Advanced Seal
Lance TournamentLance (A)9Silver Lance
Advanced Sword TournamentSword (A)10Silver Sword+
Lance TournamentLance (A)11Silver Lance+
Bow TournamentBow (A+)12Silver Bow+
Black Magic TournamentReason (A+)13Magic Staff
Axe TournamentAxe (A+)14Silver Axe+
Brawling TournamentBrawl (A+)15Silver Gauntlets+
Ultimate Sword TournamentSword (A+)16Master Seal
Ultimate Sword TournamentSword (A+)17Master Seal
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