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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expedition Choices Guide

You can take Students on Expeditions to increase your Support level. This Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expedition Choices Guide lists all of the students we have taken on Expeditions and provides the correct answers to make throughout the Expedition so you can maximize the friendship gain from each event.

There are two main benefits to taking characters on Expeditions. Firstly, it raises Morale. Morale resets every chapter but it dramatically increases the damage a character does in combat. So throughout the chapter, as you complete minor missions and side quests, building up Morale of your strongest characters can be a huge help in the final fight of the chapter. The second benefit to Expeditions is that it increases Support rating for each character. Support plays a huge role in the game. It can allow characters to teach each other new abilities, unlock special attacks, it’s invaluable.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Expedition Choices Guide

There are tons of different characters in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, and three different paths to take in the game. As such, we’re still working through all of the different houses and characters. Below is a list of all the characters we have currently completed Expeditions for. Each guide lists all of the Talk and Ask A Question points, including answers for each. This lets you ensure you get a Perfect Conversation rating to maximize Support & Morale gain, and also increase Charm for both characters.

Student NameGuide
EdelgardChoices Guide
BernadettaChoices Guide
MonicaChoices Guide
MercedesChoices Guide
IngridChoices Guide
AnnetteChoices Guide
PetraChoices Guide
HapiChoices Guide
SetethChoices Guide
DimitiriChoices Guide
DedueChoices Guide
AsheChoices Guide
CasparChoice Guide
HubertChoice Guide
FerdinandChoice Guide
SylvainChoices Guide
FelixChoices Guide
RodrigueChoice Guide
RaphaelChoice Guide
IgnatzChoices Guide
BalthusChoice Guide
FlaynChoice Guide
LorenzChoice Guide
ShamirChoice Guide
CatherineChoice Guide
ConstanceChoice Guide
JeritzaChoice Guide
LindhardtChoice Guide
LysitheaChoice Guide
DorotheaChoice Guide
HolstChoice Guide
LeonieChoice Guide
MarianneChoice Guide
HildaChoice Guide
ClaudeChoice Guide
During certain portions of the game, you get rewards. This An Award Is Available - Where To Claim Rewards In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes guide explains how the reward system works as when you finally arrive at your House, you'll see a prompt on screen saying "An award is available".
Brave Balthus is a Golden Deer character that you can recruit to other houses. This Balthus Expedition Choices Guide For Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes delivers a complete guide for every conversation you can have with Balthus so you know the answer to all the questions and talking points during an Expedition.
Ignatz from the Golden Deer is another character you can build your friendship with. This Ignatz Expedition Choices Guide For Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes breaks down the entire Expedition mini-game, giving you a complete list of questions and answers so you can finish with a Perfect Conversation score.
Jeritza is a character you can unlock near the end of the game. This Jeritza Expedition Choices Guide For Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will help you get the maximum Perfect Conversation score with Jeritza as you don't have long to maximize his support level, as he's recruited so late into the game.

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