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How To Fish In Far Cry 5

How To Fish In Far Cry 5
If the action is getting a little too much, why not unwind and do a spot of fishing? This guide will tell you How To Fish In Far Cry 5 which is a great way of earning money fast, quite an enjoyable mini-game and one of the best ways of breathing in this fresh Montana air.

Fishing is a very simple mini-game in Far Cry 5 but it’s not really explained at the beginning of the game. As such, it’s likely you’ll be asking yourself that question of how to fish in Far Cry 5 relatively early on. Check out the full guide below for where and how to fish.

Where To Find A Fishing Rod

Where To Fish In Far Cry 5
First thing you need to do is find a fishing rod. Head to the location marked above, just a short distance South West of Dutch’s Region. You’ll find a plane and a vehicle shop. On the pier, near to the vehicle shop, you will find a fishing rod. You can pick up a fishing rod, which takes up a utility slot, and use it whenever you wish.

From there it’s a simple matter of equipping your fishing rod. Follow the on-screen prompts to cast your line and then use one of the sticks to counter the fishes movements. Fish can be worth a lot of money so it’s a good way to buy some initial attachments and equipment at the start of the game.

Make sure to check out our Ultimate Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide to learn how to get new gear and equipment. Or dive straight into the deep end and unlock the best rod in the game.

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